What Are Affiliate Marketing Services?

Affiliate Marketing Services involves advertising and selling your products through partner sites called “Publishers”. An Affiliate Marketing Channel Has Two Parties. A Merchant/Business in need of advertisement and marketing who is willing to pay a commission for every lead or sale generated.

Publishers market your products and services for a commission on every conversion made through their sites. The affiliate program works on Pay Per Acquisition model, wherein the Merchant pays the affiliates whenever an advertisement is converted.

Affiliate marketing Services have their unique set of advantages and are an essential part of an effective online marketing plan. A significant edge that affiliate marketing has over any other marketing channel is that it is low-risk, pay for performance type of marketing.

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing Services


Affiliate Marketing Services are Cost effective

With affiliate marketing you only pay when a predetermined result is met. The cost for that agreed result is also fixed in advance so you’ll always know what the rate will be.

Affiliate Marketing Services Endure Low Risk

Affiliate marketing involves very low risk, since you do not pay anything if it doesn’t work and you don’t have to invest capital in a strategy that may not work out.

Save Time & Energy with Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is less time consuming and saves a lot of effort since most affiliate marketing networks are equipped with the necessary infrastructure to take care of everything including providing creative help.

Additional Marketing Efforts With Affiliate Marketing

 Through affiliate marketing Services, you can get the benefits of other forms of online marketing as well at a lower cost. Most affiliate programs will use their own skills in digital media marketing to get your brand noticed. You would be spending far more time, efforts and money if you had to develop individual programs for the various aspects of digital and social media marketing.

Choose affiliate partners carefully as affiliate marketing companies are an extension of your sales force and represent your brand online.

Ittisa as one of the Expert affiliate marketing companies

Ittisa, as one of the most experienced affiliate marketing companies in affiliate marketing service, offer affiliate network building and end to end channel management. We only engage profitable and best affiliates for you or directly connect you to a retailer, track the traffic through affiliate ads and analyze the data. We pretty much take over management of the entire program on your behalf, so that you can devote your time and energy on successfully running your business operations.

With our highly efficient affiliate marketing plan, you will gain a wide spread chain of affiliates & publishers, who will strengthen your brand’s presence on the digital platform. This will help you get maximum attention from customers as well as gain a loyal customer base and an increased inflow of revenue.

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