Digital Transformation of Insurance Industry in India

January 6, 2017 ,

Opportunities and threats are often two sides of the same coin and it is especially true in the current digital scenario. Customers are increasingly demanding in all aspects of business- be it product, delivery or maintenance. The only way to move forward is to continually enhance the customer experience. Insurance as a sector has been […]

Email Marketing

Email Marketing – How to make it work for you!

November 29, 2016 ,

People just don’t read emails any more and firms shouldn’t spend on email marketing. If you feel this way, you should probably reconsider your opinion. Email marketing refers to the practice of sending out marketable content or call-for-actions through emails. According to a survey by Adobe, “The Adobe Campaign team recently surveyed more than 400 […]


How Real Estate is using Digital Marketing to grow?

November 18, 2016 ,

Social Media has become an important part of business these days, more and more businesses are taking to Social Media to grow and develop their business. Real Estate companies in India are exploiting digital marketing to reduce their expenditure on traditional marketing. Realtors have begun using digital marketing to enhance their conversion rates, outreach and […]


Impact of Social Media on Travel Industry

September 21, 2016 ,

Social Media is changing the course of several industries, thanks to its amazing reach and interaction; the Travel Industry though is a different story. Social Media revolutionized the Travel Industry by giving the perfect ‘in-person’ experience with the selfies, check ins, status updates and much more. Social Networking sites help consumers to research tips, make […]

Canvas Ads - Blog Cover

Facebook Canvas Ads: The next big thing in Online Advertising?

August 24, 2016 ,

Facebook is looking to shake the entire online advertising space once again with their new Canvas ad format and if you haven’t heard of it? Be prepared to be amazed. This groundbreaking new ad format allows users to experience, watch and buy products all within the Facebook app. So what exactly is the facebook Canvas […]