5 rules for packaging design that dive off the shelf

5 rules for packaging design that dive off the shelf

May 11, 2017 ,

For years, brands aimed at making products at the lowest cost while maintaining the competent features. Today, that scenario has changed to making products that not only provide compelling customer experiences and keep costs to a minimum but that also drive loyalty. Packaging design goes a long way in building products (focusing on features, form […]


Revitalized Logos Creating Pathway For A New Brand Identity

April 19, 2016 ,

A logo is not just a symbol endorsed by an organization, there is a lot more to this graphic mark than a simple design; its main purpose being to communicate about the company and the brand. With the advent of technology, changes in the industry have been at a rapid rate and companies have been […]

Website Design Trends: Scroll Is In, Sliders Are Out

July 3, 2015 ,

One of the biggest design myths that needs to be busted right now is that users don’t scroll. Businesses who hire web designers believe that users tire of scrolling (an activity they do with every computer they ever use), and they prefer, instead, to click on sliders (an activity they seldom pursue with any electronic […]


How Content and Design go Hand in Hand

June 26, 2015 ,

For long, it has been a belief that content and design are two separate disciplines, that one does not have anything to do with the other. But it is not so. Content and design support each other, enhance each other, and are united by a single goal: to convey an idea and grab people’s attention. […]

website design trend

Top Website Design Trends of 2015

May 22, 2015 ,

Top website design trends of 2016 – Know about the most powerful design trends like flat web, preloaders, innovative scrolling, video etc. Websites are the public face of a firm in the digital world and, with more and more people entering the online space, customers are doing an in-depth online research of a product or […]


How Important is Your Logo?

May 13, 2015 ,

Photocredits: nike.com , wikipmedia , adweek.com The Nike Swoosh. The Starbucks Siren. The Twitter Bird. The one thing that these three have in common, is the fact that they have become, in a very short span of time, iconic brand logos. They have anchored the company’s brand image and granted it maximum visibility in the […]

10 Design Mistakes to Avoid in Social Media

January 8, 2015 ,

Design, as celebrated graphic designer Paul Rand puts it, is the Silent Ambassador of your Brand. So, a simple mistake online can even lead to a catastrophe, inviting your brand to everything that was not intended. Here are a few common design mistakes to avoid while designing for social media. Inconsistency: The first design mistake […]

A Successful Graphic Designer

August 29, 2014 ,

Here’s a quick guide for all those designers who want a super successful career ahead!

AB Testing

August 21, 2014 ,

The new Social Media buzz is all about A/B testing to cure your content and optimize it better. It may sound a little medical with the tests and cure but it’s a simple tried and tested technique and it works! A/B testing is a simple test to identify whether A works better or B works […]

What is in colour ??

August 11, 2014 ,

“Rosy” lips, “Blue” eyes, “Grey” skies, “Green” eyed dragon, “Purple” with rage. What’s in a colour you ask? Well, A LOT! A colour is not just relative to sight anymore; a colour could be a feeling, an emotion, a mood or a memory. Spinach, lettuce, Fenugreek are simply called “Greens” and you know they are […]