Facebook Canvas Ads: The next big thing in Online Advertising?

August 24, 2016 ,

Facebook is looking to shake the entire online advertising space once again with their new Canvas ad format and if you haven’t heard of it? Be prepared to be amazed. This groundbreaking new ad format allows users to experience, watch and buy products all within the Facebook app. So what exactly is the facebook Canvas […]

To support or not to support – Free basics is the question

January 6, 2016 ,

3.2 million Indians support free basics. Do you? Facebook, your daily source of entertainment, your regular routine to beat boredom. Facebook has become the more trusted source of news than newspapers and news channels. So what happens when the most important app on your mobile phone sends you the notification “ACT NOW, to save digital […]

3 ways to overcome changes in Facebook algorithms

November 16, 2015 ,

The first step to overcoming changes to Facebook algorithms is understanding what they are and how it is important to your business. Edge rank is the Facebook algorithm that decides what appears on a user’s feed, their main aim is to provide users with news feed that is relevant to them; so if your story […]

How to Disable Autoplay in Facebook

September 29, 2015 ,

If you’re active on Twitter, you would have noticed that gif animations and videos are on autoplay. This does not mean, however, that they run on loop the entire time. These animations and videos are programmed to start playing when you reach the tweet that shows the same. This autoplay feature has now found its […]

The Best Ways to Optimise Your Facebook Business Page

June 19, 2015 ,

Online marketing avenues are being made available with increasingly attractive features to businesses. This is because it is guaranteed that for any business, at least some of the target audience is perpetually online, particularly on Facebook. Therefore, it becomes necessary for organisations to make sure they are active on the social network in order to […]

PIKU’s Digital Marketing Success – Promotion Se Hi Emotion!

May 5, 2015 ,

Gone are the days when a simple gif, a grainy clip and a picture on cyberspace could complete your entire digital marketing strategy. Today, there are new tools, and newer technologies at work constantly, to change the face of a movie’s online promotion strategy. Going viral may seem herculean to some movie-makers, but some are […]

Things Social Media Experts Say (We are guilty too ;) )

March 30, 2015 ,

1. Who the f**k keeps liking the Facebook posts as an admin? Most annoying stuff ever. Mr. Client, Please make sure to change the admin roles before liking, commenting, sharing your own posts.   Oh S**t! I tweeted from the wrong account We just hope there were no cuss words in that tweet. Now work […]

Facebook’s New Year Gift to Social Media Marketers Call-To-Action buttons

Facebook’s New Year Gift to Social Media Marketers: Call-To-Action buttons

January 28, 2015 ,

Facebook is here with yet another customized feature for its users and this time around it’s specifically for businesses and marketers. The new feature, Call-To-Action(CTA) buttons, is a major update for Business pages on Facebook. After having restricted it to beta testing phase for quite a long time, Facebook has now slowly started rolling out […]

Facebook integrates Speech-to-text feature in Messenger

January 20, 2015 ,

Voice notes have been revolutionary and enjoy huge acceptance among users. However, the innovation had certain glitches. Suppose you are in a meeting or in a concert and you receive a voice note from your friend. What do you do? Control yourself and leave it for later? But not anymore! Facebook’s unexpected announcement about its […]

Mark Zuckerberg’s 2015 Resolution: Facing the Real Book.

January 8, 2015 ,

Did you know that sometimes a simple New Year resolution and a Facebook page can lead to produce one of the world’s largest book clubs? The most famous internet entrepreneur, Founder and CEO of the most popular and largest social networking site, Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, is celebrated for his outlandish New Year resolutions. His past […]