How Content and Design go Hand in Hand

June 26, 2015

For long, it has been a belief that content and design are two separate disciplines, that one does not have anything to do with the other. But it is not so. Content and design support each other, enhance each other, and are united by a single goal: to convey an idea and grab people’s attention. […]

What is in colour ??

August 11, 2014

“Rosy” lips, “Blue” eyes, “Grey” skies, “Green” eyed dragon, “Purple” with rage. What’s in a colour you ask? Well, A LOT! A colour is not just relative to sight anymore; a colour could be a feeling, an emotion, a mood or a memory. Spinach, lettuce, Fenugreek are simply called “Greens” and you know they are […]

Are you building your brand the right way?

July 22, 2014

The GOAL of one’s life is to Live-It Live-it because we just have one life One life to spread smiles One life, so live it Right The goal is not to live forever The goal is not to stand tall and not fall The Goal is to live the role See them grow old, Touch, […]