10 Design Mistakes to Avoid in Social Media

January 8, 2015

Design, as celebrated graphic designer Paul Rand puts it, is the Silent Ambassador of your Brand. So, a simple mistake online can even lead to a catastrophe, inviting your brand to everything that was not intended. Here are a few common design mistakes to avoid while designing for social media. Inconsistency: The first design mistake […]

A Successful Graphic Designer

August 29, 2014

Here’s a quick guide for all those designers who want a super successful career ahead!

AB Testing

August 21, 2014

The new Social Media buzz is all about A/B testing to cure your content and optimize it better. It may sound a little medical with the tests and cure but it’s a simple tried and tested technique and it works! A/B testing is a simple test to identify whether A works better or B works […]