Facebook integrates Speech-to-text feature in Messenger

January 20, 2015

Voice notes have been revolutionary and enjoy huge acceptance among users. However, the innovation had certain glitches. Suppose you are in a meeting or in a concert and you receive a voice note from your friend. What do you do? Control yourself and leave it for later? But not anymore! Facebook’s unexpected announcement about its […]

10 Design Mistakes to Avoid in Social Media

January 8, 2015

Design, as celebrated graphic designer Paul Rand puts it, is the Silent Ambassador of your Brand. So, a simple mistake online can even lead to a catastrophe, inviting your brand to everything that was not intended. Here are a few common design mistakes to avoid while designing for social media. Inconsistency: The first design mistake […]

Music lovers now have a dedicated dashboard on YouTube

November 13, 2014

YouTube has updated its app with a new fully music focused dashboard called “Music”. It features the popular videos and artists on YouTube, genre-specific charts and selected playlists. It had also introduced a playback option called YouTube Mix that allows users to create randomized playlist based on song or artist. YouTube has also debuted a […]

10 things you should know about social media

October 4, 2014

Hey!  Welcome! So, Social Media is a huge platform for anything. But, what makes it work? Lets see: PURPOSE Know your purpose and what you are using it for. Know how you want to connect- like if you want to grab more eyeballs for brand-awareness or you want to influence a particular group of audience. […]