How a Local Business became an International Name by Ranking for 150 Keywords in 8 months

The Objective:
  1. Build Brand Awareness for a relatively unknown brand
  2. Rank in Top Searches and increase Traffic to the Website
  3. Boost Sales in India, USA, UK and Canada

The Effort:

  1. Industry Analysis
  2. Optimization of Website
  3. Increasing Category Pages from 8 to 45 and Optimization of Each
  4. Generating Quality Content Periodically

“Ittisa is a team of super enthusiastic girls. They took no time to understand the brand. They are all very friendly, and work on a project as a team. Customer engagement, ORM, online PR , SEO, and SM are their areas of expertise. We started getting results in record time!” – Nilay Shah, CEO & Founder

Deepkala account manager

Account Manager

We partnered with Deepkala Silk Heritage at a time when they were well known only in their hometown of Ahmedabad, Gujarat. With their goal to become a well-known brand not just in India but also in countries like the US, UK and Canada, our job was not going to be easy.

We started off with studying the market for Indian ethnic wear and understanding the target demographic. Major competitors were analyzed and the industry best practices as a whole were considered while coming up with a plan. The first step was to optimize the website and achieve a good rank.

This was done through proper keyword planning. The second step was to optimize the category pages by adding unique content to each page. Deepkala had only 7-8 category pages at the beginning, which we slowly brought, up to 45 and optimized each one of them.

These category pages were built taking into account the competition, keyword research and understanding what the NRI audience in USA and UK searches for. Category pages are the key hub-page for an Ecommerce site and when optimized properly they can direct organic traffic to the site.

Along with category pages, product pages were also optimized through the use of Meta tags. To rank Deepkala at the very top, the brand ethos needed to be communicated successfully to the target audience, which was done through social media posts and blog posts. We constantly generated high quality content so that customers could find answers to all their fashion related queries. This led to a higher CTR. We also made sure to plug in a higher number of backlinks to improve the ranking.




Organic Sales Revenue increased to more than 12 lakhs

15% Orders, 25% Revenue from abroad

150 Keywords Ranked on first 3 Google Search Pages

70 Keywords Ranked on 1st Google Search Page

Alexa Rank up by 7000

Deepkala Silk Heritage managed to get word out about their brand and its products not just in India but all across the world. Recorded organic sales were 220, 15% of which came from countries outside India. Therefore, Deepkala successfully managed to achieve its goal of creating brand awareness while improving its sales figures simultaneously.

The revenue generated from these sales figures were just above a whopping 12 Lakhs, which included 25% revenue from countries abroad. All this in just a matter of few months! Website, category page and product page optimization led to more than 150 keywords ranking on the first three pages and almost 70 keywords being displayed in the first Google search page itself!

The website was also declared to have become much more user friendly after optimization. This was a huge feat for a brand that had just entered the ecommerce world. Also, the Alexa rank improved from 20000 to 13000 in the shortest time possible.

Deepkala Silk is a true example of how a local business can become an International name with an effective ecommerce strategy. With organic sales increasing tremendously and customers recognizing the brand name that is Deepkala, we managed to deliver all our client expectations.

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