How Deepkala Silk Heritage won over 20,000 Organic Fans with a 1-week Campaign

The Campaign:
  • Name of the Campaign: Define Your Style
  • Type of Campaign: Contest
  • Channels Used: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+
  • Duration: 1 Week

“The basics of marketing has not changed but the social media has added a new sphere. There has never been a time like today, where it is a compulsion for every brand to have a social media presence. Thus to be on top, you need to Socialise.”– Nilay Shah, CEO & Founder

Deepkala account manager

Account Manager

We launched the ‘Define Your Style’ Contest for a week in September. Posts were uploaded everyday across different social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram. Viewers were invited to post comments about their personal style in terms of colours, design, tailoring and fabric quality. Contestants were asked to use the hashtag #DefineYourStyle across all channels while commenting and tagging their friends and family.

The basic idea behind this campaign was to understand what style and fashion meant to Deepkala’s audience. Each day, three outfit were displayed in a post and participants had to choose one outfit and write why it accurately portrayed their individual style.

5 winners were announced on the basis of the maximum likes on their posts. The winners were chosen by Deepkala Silk Heritage and each winner took home a gift voucher for Rs.1500.

The Objective:

  • To increase brand awareness across India and not just in Gujarat
  • To understand the needs of Deepkala’s target audience in terms of style and quality requirements.



20,000 Organic Facebook Page Likes

220% increase in Post Reach

75% Social Media visitors went to the Website

Key to Success:

Simple Idea: The contest was strategically kept very simple so as to increase participation and keep the conversation lively and interesting. The possibility of winning was based on creativity and novelty as well as the amount of engagement generated through post likes so there was no need to research or put in a lot of effort. Participation was possible on impulse, without planning.

Eye Catching Creatives: Ittisa intentionally chose intricate and beautiful outfits from the Deepkala website to feature on the posts to draw viewer attention and keep it. Multiple options were given in each post so that the entire collection could be showcased on social media

Momentum: The pace of the contest was smartly kept very short so that people would not lose momentum in participating. Because the contest was run only for a week, there was a sense of urgency in participation and interest was kept alive till the very end.

Contest T & C Transparency: Being transparent clearly has its advantages since participants could see that the entire process was fair to everyone. All rules relating to the contest including the prize and conditions attached were clearly mentioned.

During the week long campaign, Deepkala Silk managed to gain more than 20,000 fans on Facebook from all over the world. Post shares averaged 250 and post comments crossed 1000. The comments varied from fun and casual to insightful.

Through contest entries and other comments, Deepkala was able to gain insights about what its customers look for while buying clothes and how we should improve positioning for them. It also gave insights about what aspects of the clothes to highlight in future communications. SEO and SEM related understanding also increased multifold.

Because the contest was run on multiple channels, Deepkala was able to attract the attention of a much larger audience. User engagement also increased because winners were chosen on the basis their total engagement with the brand.

The campaign was able to surpass its objective in terms of reach and target audience across various countries. The number of visitors to the website also skyrocketed within this period of one week. During the campaign and right after it, post reach increased by almost 220% which led to almost 75% movement to the website. The social platforms of Deepkala Silk Heritage started gaining organic likes, shares tweets, saving pins and comments.

With specific demographic targeting and promotion on the top social networks, Deepkala Silk Heritage was successful in positioning the brand as an ethnic wear brand beyond par in the mindset of target customers. Many brands would stick to one or two channels but here the success mantra was running the campaign on all their social media presence, although it performed tremendously on Facebook.

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