How a Startup Achieved a 400% Conversion Rate in 2 Weeks

The Campaign
  • Name of the Campaign: My Desi Valentine
  • Objective : To increase fan interaction and engagement
  • Duration: 2 weeks
  • Channel Used: Facebook with cross promotions on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest

The Objective

On the ground Fomokart was much appreciated and its fan base was growing at a steady speed. But they wanted something more. They wanted to build a connect with their customers on the most widely popular space i.e. social media and not in the traditional product promotion sort of way.

They wanted to build awareness in an interesting, creative way through which the audience wouldn’t just be customers but would keep an open dialogue about anything and everything related to the company. This is where Ittisa came in.

The following factors were considered while devising the brand campaign:

  1. The target market age group
  2. The target market interests and activities

It is a well-known fact that people, especially the youth find quirky creative content more interesting then plain simple facts and hence are more likely to engage with innovative campaigns. Keeping this in mind My Desi Valentine campaign was designed to build audience interest with a weeklong series of quirky relationship quotes followed by a weeklong contest where participants were asked to Guess the Song based on some infographics or characters. The winner would then get a surprise gift hamper.

In addition to the regular posts & contests we also created an album showcasing Valentine ’s Day as an Indian concept and what would’ve been different in that scenario.




80% traffic generated on social media landed on the website

100% increase in month on month conversions

400% increase in daily conversions

Key to success

  1. Simple Idea – The idea in itself was very crisp, clean and simple. Fomokart’s specialty is Native Indian eatables but Valentine’s Day is a properly western concept. So, we came up with a theme that combines both of them in a beautiful way “What would valentine’s day be like had it originated in India?”
  2. Creative Contests – In India bollywood is a religion, be it the actors, the movies, the songs, everything is very closely followed by the majority. We capitalized on this very fact by organizing a contest that had all songs translated in literal English with cute animated characters.
  3. Social Urge – During the contest we urged people to participate and make their friends participate as well, because of which the post reach increased manifolds.

Fomokart’s Facebook page received 100s of likes and the individual post likes doubled compared to the usual. According to the officials “the posts were liked and appreciated by the customers and peers alike”.The Valentine’s Day album was very well received by our audience and the post reach increased by 33%.

During the two-week long campaign, Fomokart acquired new Facebook fans from across India. It saw an average of 100 visitors on daily basis to their Facebook page to participate in the contests. Most importantly, Fomokart successfully attracted the attention of its target demographic with 80% of them landing on their website. Fomokart was able to increase its daily conversion from a small figure wavering between 2-3 to 10 per day, which is a 400% increase in a matter of 2 weeks.

Ittisa has been working towards creating brand awareness, recall & connect through such innovative campaigns for Fomokart. Our social media plus SEO, SEM efforts have led Fomokart to create a distinct brand value for itself in the manner of provider of quality products, authentically sourced with on time delivery. Fomokart has successfully achieved a 100% increase in month on month conversions as well as a CTR of 17% in a very short time.

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