How Mara Mentor was able to achieve 1 Million downloads on their Mobile App in 3 months

App Install Campaign
  • Objective: Increase the number of quality downloads of app while driving traffic towards the website too.


The first campaign to take place before the App launch was the #CheersTo campaign that was an initiative to identify and celebrate the amazing entrepreneurs in Nigeria and across Africa. This campaign was initiated to spark an initial awareness towards Mara Mentor and in order to get the mentioned mentors interested in joining the app too.

Simultaneously, the period leading up to the launch the communication mainly consisted of teasers for the app. The creatives were successful in being able to bring in the much needed buzz around the launch of the app in Nigeria for the first time which in turn helped build curiosity in the minds of people, ultimately leading to increased engagement.


We developed the app for Mara Mentor, which was mobile and desktop enabled. It is designed to enable, empower and inspire budding entrepreneurs and provide a platform that connects mentors to mentees. The app was designed keeping two things in mind; one being user friendly and the other making sure it leaves a lasting impact on the user.

In May 2014, Mara Mentor officially launched their app and during the event the online communication focused on the launch itself as well as the live Q&A with the former president of Nigeria Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. The opportunity to have a one on one session with the president was highlighted across all the creatives and is what ultimately drew in the highest levels of engagement across all social media channels.
In order to encourage downloads, a one click custom tab on Facebook was added which helped people go to any app stores and reach the app with ease.


In order to keep the success of the app launch fresh in the mind of the targeted audience, the post launch communication showcased the real value that Mara Mentor brings. This was done through creative visuals, strong copy and engaging concepts.

For Mara mentor we also delved into traditional marketing to increase number of downloads. We designed poll banners and billboards for Mara Mentor. All print creatives were designed keeping in mind the brand colours, the audience and the message they were trying to portray. The prints were used post the launch of the mobile application, which is why most of them focused on inviting mentors and mentees on board. Bold typography and inspiring images were used to draw attention of the public at large.

The main business objective was to get as many mentors and mentees on board, simultaneously downloading the app and the marketing objective was to facilitate the aforementioned through the mobile app and the website. In order to get this done, along with print advertisements, we also ran digital ads. These were all ads to promote downloading the app.

The next scheduled campaigns ‘Follow your dream’ and ‘One on One’ revolved around the benefits of Mara Mentor and how it helps your realize and achieve your dreams. The creatives also posted blogs and PowerPoint presentations on slide share sticking in line with the above theme.

We concentrated on the website to ensure maximum conversions and downloads of the app. Due to our various marketing efforts, we managed to create brand awareness for Mara Mentor and thus increased the number of visits and registrations. We found that majority of the traffic came in from Lagos and out of the 22% people who landed on the homepage, 11% ended up registering on the site. We supported the website with regular SEO and SEM activities.

Riding on the success in Lagos, similar campaigns were initiated in Kenya and South Africa.


The #CheersTo campaign got us 27,273 unique users on Facebook and the posts garnered close to 3418 organic likes. This campaign was followed by the launch of the app, which drew in the highest online engagement during that particular time period. We connected with over 3000 unique individuals and engaged with 700+ users across all Social Media channels.

The Pilot ad run successfully garnered around 2700 likes on the Facebook page and the GDN app install ads got us around 29,851 clicks. The app install campaign got us 1320 installs and more than 37,587 clicks. The One on One Campaign saw 11,68,292 impressions and 14,302 clicks on the ads.

All of the above resulted in a considerable increase in Facebook likes to 1, 05,670 and an increase in Twitter and LinkedIn followers by 82% and 83% respectively. Most of our marketing efforts on Facebook and Twitter paid off with almost 86.5% of the traffic re-directed from social media coming from these channels. Out of these people who landed on the home page, 50% of them ended up registering for the program. As a result of our entire IMC campaign for the duration of 3 months, we were able to amass 1 Million downloads.


  • Right from organizing a successful launch campaign to strategizing a foolproof Social Media plan, we aided them in their endeavors through and through. Efforts were made to increase the app installs through app ads, we indulged in live tweeting their radio shows, roped in influential mentors in our conversations and designed powerful creatives amongst doing other things.
  • Over the span of one year, an Integrated marketing campaign was undertaken which featured the #Cheersto Campaign, the launch of a mobile application, the follow your dream campaign and the ‘one on one’ promotions. Since the major event was the launching of the mobile app, all the campaigns were scheduled around it to make an impact.

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