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Why Do You Need Online Content Marketing Services?


It’s not about customers anymore, it’s about people; similarly, it’s not just about strategy anymore, it’s about content. Content differentiates you, it brands you & it uplifts you! Like Seth Godin Put it:

“Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories that you tell.”

Content marketing Services involves attracting and converting visitors into customers and customers into repeat buyers, by creating and sharing unique, compelling and high-quality, relevant digital content online. The content you share should reflect your business in such a way that people get to know, like and trust you enough to do business with you.


Digital Content Marketing Services For Consumers:

Studies on recent trends in the Digital content Marketing have shown that up to 70% of consumers prefer to learn about companies through blogs and other articles rather than advertising. No one likes a “hard sell”! Most of us prefer to research online for comparisons and informative content before making a purchase.


Digital Content For Search Engines:

When we need an answer, we Google it! So, the best opportunity for you as a business to win customers, is to be there on top when they turn to search engines for answers. Google’s updates off late have increasingly been rewarding towards good quality original and up to date content and punishing towards low quality content and ‘Spammy’, over-optimized pages.


B2B Content Marketing Services For Your Business:

Well-crafted and effective content marketing strategies help draw traffic to your website and Social media pages and also give an opportunity for audiences to share your online content on their social media accounts. Considered the cornerstone of SEO, a good B2B content marketing plan plays a pivotal role in search engine rankings, providing back links, social sharing and in creating buzz.

Content is being generated at such a pace these days that even great content can be lost in the noisy giant of a web. That is why your content should be unique, insightful and true to its purpose.


Ittisa As A Content Marketing Agency


Ittisa, as a content marketing agency, believes in the power of creative, influencing and informative content. Our professional and inspired content writers can spin content that helps you engage with your audience, attract them to become customers, raise brand awareness and influence behaviors. As a content marketing company, we produce innovative content that gets talked about and here’s how we can do the same for you:


The Right Content Strategy:

Our highly competent team will work with you to develop the right content marketing strategy for your brand focusing your objectives. Creating compelling and useful content, both onsite and through Social media channels is essential to reach your target audience and influence them.


Understanding The Target Audience:

A clear understanding of current digital marketing trends and your target audience’s habits and personas is very essential to building a coherent content strategy. We help in building a clearer picture of your target customer to get a better conversion rate.


Content Idealization Through Our Content Marketing Services:

Our proficient content team will work with you to research and arrive at content ideas that connect your brand and its objectives with the desired target audience. Our content will be mapped against not just the audience, but also against various online channels to reach them.


Content Production

Our creative team is passionate about creating original and exceptional content. We have in-house writers, designers and developers who will work with you through the entire content production process, whether it’s a blog post, video, infographics, press releases or any other form of marketing material. Engaging potential customers on a more human level will help to increase your company’s digital marketing effectiveness.



For content to perform well and reach its potential, people need to know about it. We have the right strategic connections to link your brand and content with key online influencers, journalists and bloggers to get people start talking about you and your brand.

If you want more information about our work, you can take a look at our business case studies.

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