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Recent Mobile Marketing Strategies & Trends:

In today’s world every company, big or small is trying to find new ways to make a mark in the digital marketing world uniquely from the rest of the players battling in the field.  One such umbrella is the Mobile Advertising services, a part of the mobile marketing strategy.
Marketers and businesses are seeing a huge change in the way people are using the internet. It has been explicitly noticed that people are moving to mobile devices from desktops to search for queries. This field has evolved appreciably as it consists of many precise mobile marketing methods to target mobile customers. Mobile marketing strategies involve marketing on a mobile device like a smartphone and are seen getting a lot of spotlight these days.

As mobile devices are clearly seen to outnumber television sets by a ration of almost 3:1, the chances of a potential customer seeing an ad on mobile is greater than on any other form of online advertising.  Mobile marketing services generally encompasses the idea of mobile banner ads or mobile search results. It also encompasses within it mobile advertising services. It strives to incorporate different formats and more interactive experiences.

Mobile Advertising services

Mobile advertising services have come a long way and are becoming an integral part of marketing mix for different brands. Mobile marketing agencies like Ittisa are focusing on more sophisticated methods to increase customer engagement, influencing their buying behavior and also giving them the channel to make sales from a mobile device.

Mobile marketing trends along with Mobile marketing strategies on various mobile platforms have paved the way for a whole new era of advertising. It can take place in the form of text ads via SMS Marketing, or banner advertisements that appear embedded in downloaded apps, mobile websites or mobile games. Mobile shopping and m-commerce have grown tremendously with the help of mobile advertising and mobile marketing strategies.

Companies tailor their mobile marketing campaigns with the help of information provided by the mobile technology which guides them about an individual’s web browsing history, their shopping habits or geographic location. Since mobile devices have a smaller screen compared to the desktops, the advertisements are optimized and by being succinct.

Mobile Advertising

Mobile advertising has  evolved from SMS to mobile web and recently to in-app advertisements. Mobile App advertising works on a payment model called Cost Per Install (CPI) where payment is linked to a user installing the App on their devices and that’s how each app install free or paid is tracked.

In-app Advertising

In-app advertising offers brands a better opportunity to target the right audience. Compared to other mediums, in-app advertising gives a better result to confine targeted consumer’s attention and at the same time encourages them to interact without any intrusion. Many big brands are making use of enhanced technology to make ads more engaging with audios and videos. For example McDonald’s ran mobile marketing campaigns, which offered people some free ‘smart advice’ from an old man.

Thus we can see that mobile advertisements have grown massively from a small version of online display ads to a matchless medium of communication which results in influencing and driving the buying behavior and process.  It not only creates brand awareness but also crafts social media-friendly interactive experience which has resulted in deepening a customer’s relation with a particular brand and thus increases sales.  With technology advancing everyday, we can only expect mobile advertising to inflate and grow in new and exciting directions.

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