(Social Media, SEO, SEM)

Deepkala Silk Heritage is a one-stop online clothing store with a peerless collection of fashionable ethnic designer garments. With over 15 million customers across 175 countries, Deepkala Silk Heritage offers modern shoppers one of the best and most effortless shopping experiences, globally.


Social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest have become a breeding ground for fashionistas. Everyone throngs the internet in search of good blogs to read, fashion tips to make note of and most importantly, fresh portals from where they can pick up the latest, and most fashionable clothing.

Although Deepkala Silk has been around for years, we discovered that their social presence was woefully weak. So, we brought the age old clothing store into this world of massive possibilities to promote their impressive fashion products online. By use of creative collaterals that showcased Deepkala’s impressive collection, we promoted the store like it had never been done before. We also took up their SEO to boost and promote their organic search results.


20,000 organic fans in 1 week

75% social media to website conversion rate

Ranked for 70 keywords on Google 1st page

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