Sunfeast Yippee

(Social Branding & Strategy, UI/UX, Social Media, ORM )

One of India’s foremost multi-business enterprises, ITC has long established its dominance as a value creator in the consumer goods industry. Its vast portfolio encompasses a range of businesses – foods, personal care, cigarettes, branded apparel, to name a few. With the launch of Sunfeast YiPPee! in 2010, ITC entered the instant noodles segment.

We took over the reins of Yippee’s social media channels when the instant noodle market was in a pickle, with customer sentiment at an all-time low and lingering doubts about the product’s safety. Our social media plan focused on putting out a strong message about the healthier aspects of instant noodles while promoting the different flavours available.

This was also the time when we started managing Yippee’s Online Reputation. Through careful social media monitoring and listening, we were able to quickly respond to queries and complaints and bring down negative sentiments.

Early in 2017, we were given the mandate to design Sunfeast Yippee’s website. Keeping the brand in mind, we delivered an attractive, fun website that not only disseminated important information but also added to the user’s experience. The core USP of the brand which is that they have the longest noodle is part of the experience throughout the website.

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