Emami Zandu

(Social Media, Social Listening & Monitoring)

Established in the 70’s, Emami group has grown its presence over the years in major sectors like FMCG, retail, hospitals etc. Zandu Pure Honey is Emami’s most novel venture yet. Zandu pure honey is one of its kind because it is the only honey without any added sugar or any other added preservatives. It comes with a promise of true healthy lifestyle and well-being.

We initiated the social media pages for Zandu pure honey, aiding them through the launch of the product. With thought-provoking posts and equally immaculate designs, we rose to their needs by supporting them and taking their social media presence much further. We focused on what Zandu was unique for and took it forward by promoting not only the product but also a healthy lifestyle. We are aware that successful strategy is built around reaching the right kind of people at the right time with insightful content. This is where we brought in social monitoring and listening. By monitoring every social mention and action of Zandu, we analysed, tracked patterns and drew conclusions on how the brand was being perceived in comparison to competitors.

Case Studies