SEM Services


Why Do You Need Search Engine Marketing Services?

Search Engine Marketing Services (SEM Services) are the fastest way to get your website on top of search pages and bring targeted traffic to your website 24/7. With more than a billion websites and over 3.5 billion searches per day on Google alone, consumers are searching for reviews, content, products, services etc. Therefore, it has become all the more important for your website to be displayed on the top of the search page in order to reach out to prospective customers.

Search Engine Marketing Services (SEM) involves a set of activities to promote one’s website so that the visibility of the website increases in search engine results.


What Constitutes Effective Search Engine Marketing Services?


There are various Search Engine Marketing factors that decide whether or not your company’s paid campaign will be effective. The first factor is making pages traffic ready. It is of utmost importance to ensure that the site loads within 3 seconds and has an easy navigation bar, descriptive pages and engaging content.

The next SEM factor that goes hand in hand in making you appear in the top results depends on a combination of the amount you are willing to bid and your budget. A combination of SEM marketing plan and budget, put together strategically will give you the desired results.

At Ittisa, an experienced search engine marketing company, our Search Engine Marketing services in combination with SEO strategies can bring about distinct results. SEM shouldn’t focus solely on PPC advertising (Pay per Click), but should compliment the effort put in optimization of the site to appear organically on SERP’s. Search Engine Marketing helps a company to successfully select users on search engines through targeted ads including Google Adwords and redirect them to a fully optimized page, which is engaging, and user friendly.

So by investing more time and effort in optimizing your website you become not only organically relevant to searches but also get better results on PPC campaigns. Higher CTR, lower bid rates and more conversions are results of great PPC campaigns. The traffic attracted will also be: more focused, more committed, and more desirous of your services.

We at Ittisa, the best Search Engine Marketing company, understand that every client’s business is unique and so are its digital requirements. We take complete charge of your paid search campaigns. Our process involves doing extensive keyword analysis, studying your competition and then arriving at a campaign idea and structure.

Campaign tracking and creation of strong content for your website is done on a regular basis, to give your company a convincing edge in paid results. You can take a look at some ittisa clients’ portfolios to whom we have delivered best in class SEM results and we can do the same for you!

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