Social Media Services in Bangalore


Why Does Your Business Need Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Services is an offshoot of internet marketing. The objective of Social media services and social media marketing is to create engaging content to attract internet users to interact with brand. This would help a company to achieve increased brand exposure and broaden its customer reach.

Some social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube etc have become part of everyday life of internet users around the world. Many big brands use social media not just to showcase their products and services but use it a medium to get to know their prospective customers better and to understand their needs.


Social Media Services at Ittisa:

In Ittisa, the social media strategies are crafted keeping in mind each brand’s offering and market position and to meet the business objectives that the brand has set out to  achieve. One size does not fit all, and so, our social media services are tailored to focus on what matters most to your brand and formulated in way to keep you updated and in total control of your brand’s voice,  visibility and image.

As part of our social media services, we provide help and guidance not limiting with just to the following:


Social Media Strategy:

Working to develop a social media strategy based upon the brand’s marketing objectives to achieve short term and long term goals. Take the most suitable approach towards building a brand, be it guiding your in-house marketing teams or shaping your social presence from scratch.


Social Profile Creation:

Zero in on the right platform i.e. not just the top social networking sites but best suitable ones for your brand. Create and manage social media profiles to attract new users, keep them engaged, encourage user generated content, establish customer relationship by leveraging two-way conversation.


Social Tone & Nature:

Social media can be used by business in many different ways. It is important for businesses to build and portray their brand as reputable and trustworthy by exhibiting the right style and tone of voice.


Social Media Monitoring:

Comb the social networks, to listen, monitor and respond every conversations and comment. Track user opinion on the the brand both positive and negative, understand general attitude and feeling about the brand.


Social Media Advertising:

Social media advertising is another important part of the social media services at Ittisa. Social media ads can help improve a brand’s social presence and expand reach multiple times faster than a brand’s can reach organically. A social media campaign, in addition to targeting your potential customers, generates buzz among the community of users and generates interest in the product or brand.


Social Buzz: Social Media Services Strategy:

Social media strategists at Ittisa create fast, reactive updates that generates the right kind of buzz and spark to further conversation between the brand and the customer.


Social Media Reporting & Analysis:

Social media reporting helps not only identify and track the campaign performance but helps to forecast customer behavior.

You can take a look at the social media marketing services that we have delivered here: Ittisa Clients’ Business Case Studies. For expert consultation and service inquiries reach out to us: [email protected] or fill the form below.