Ittisa: A Digital Media Agency’s Journey to Success

September 7, 2015

The spirit of entrepreneurship is alive in some, but it comes alive and stays that way in so few. This constant, burning, unwavering passion is what differentiates a winner from the rest.

Ittisa’s journey to its current strong position is one that is sprinkled with ups and downs, highs and lows, but by persisting on the path of creativity, analysis and boundless imagination, we have conquered many a campaign and reached a place where we can finally say that yes, we’ve had our share of successes, and we’re hungry for so much more.

The very fact that we’re able to stand out as an agency and deliver the goods one after the other is testimony to the fact that we have a good leader. While each one of us is a leader in our own right, and possess individual talent and inner ability to nudge ourselves towards conquering a task, we do have a special, important person backing us tirelessly. Our CEO, Sneh Sharma, stands to inspire us day in and day out, synonymous as she is with perseverance and an unbending determination to produce the best results in whatever we do. This is the reason, perhaps, that Ittisa has reached heights none would have imagined in such a short span of time.

To know the full story of how Sneh’s and Ittisa’s journey has panned out from their first step to where we are now, read on.

Ittisa Shining: 6th Annual Women Leaders in India Awards 2015

August 21, 2015

Being a leader in today’s burgeoning business world is a tough job. However, women have taken giant leaps forward and secured for themselves the coveted corner office, in recent times. That makes due recognition of one’s innate leadership skills even sweeter than it is deemed to be.

This week, Ittisa was all smiles as our founder Sneh Sharma ascended the steps to the dais to collect her award for ‘Leading Woman in Digital Media’. Held at the prestigious Taj Lands Hotel in Mumbai, her efforts were lauded by a crowd that largely consisted of many an inspiring woman who has contributed a great deal to her field. To collect the award in the presence of such an inspiring crowd was indeed humbling.

Empowering women is something that we at Ittisa have always stood for. The motivation to compete and work hard in the face of scepticism is what sets us apart, and it is also that which has helped bring awards and recognition our way.

In Sneh’s own words, “Merely talking will take us nowhere. We have to walk the talk.”

No other words can surmise better, the things we do at Ittisa. Kodus to every woman out there who have joined hands with their fellow women to take that step forward in leading from the front!

Cliches in every Digital Marketing Agency

May 27, 2015

Life in an agency is loud. Quite literally. It’s not quite a creative digital marketing agency if you don’t have people shouting out random things from their cubicles or desks or bean bags. Every agency employee comes with his or her own quirks and idiosyncrasies. And in a creative agency like ours, we see these quirks rear their heads more often than not.

There are five kinds of people who make up our team, and each has her own quirks. Here’s a sneak peak at what they might be caught saying from time to time!


The writer in every agency is forever looking for inspiration. Your personal life is never off limits to a writer hungry for content. What you thought was a harmless confession to a friend on a drunken night, might show up on a client’s social media as a juicy tidbit days later! And by juicy tidbit we mean a post that has you cringing and saying, “Wait! Is that…. my story?”



The rock music loving, kurta wearing, politically aware, my-brain-doesn’t-work-until-I-smoke junkie is a cliché, but definitely true. We always go for the ones who look a little wonky. The weirder, the better. True story.



“Don’t worry if it doesn’t work right. If everything did, you’d be out of a job.” – Mosher’s Law of Software Engineering

Seriously. Sometimes we think they create bugs just to test our patience and make us feel stupid. They are the most hard-working and qualified members in any creative team and also the most monotonous. To them, a spade is just that. A spade.



The SEO Analyst in every agency is like a hard-to-please client. You work all week to come up with a fabulous creative you’re sure your client will love and the SEO Analyst decides that the phrase you used isn’t catchy enough. The second most annoying members in an agency, they are the reason we work overtime on Friday nights. But, they are also the main reason our clients see fast results and we love them for saving our ass again and again!

seo analysis


“Remember, you only have to succeed the last time”
Even if it takes you a 100 times to get there!
The sales guy in every agency is nothing if not thick-skinned and persistent. You know those classmates you would run to avoid as soon as you saw them approaching? Yeah. They’re the sales guys – the ones who can talk your ear off and actually take money from you for doing it.


So there you go! We’re all a bunch of creative misfits, but put us together, and we fit in just fine. Perhaps it’s all the quirkiness that acts as our glue!

Don’t hold your horses, and always keep a positive attitude!

September 18, 2014

Don't hold your horses, and always keep a positive attitude!


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The Sherpa – Living it My Ways

September 3, 2014

noun (pl. same or Sherpas)

A member of the Himalayan people living on the borders of Nepal and Tibet, renowned for their skill in mountaineering.

Think about a scenario where your brother is sent to Harvard for his MBA, and when you ask “Dad what about mine?” you get a reply “Oh well you’ll soon be married anyway”.

Women Football Team

Picture an evening filled with your adolescent friends, “Come you’re in my team, and you’re in mine, I want him too, and he’s mine for sure I say!” “Heyyy what about me” I cry, “Football is a rough game, you can play some other day.”

Do you think the Christine Sinclairs and Martas of the world sat down and watched while their boy buddies kicked the ball? Hell no! They pushed their way into a team…and voila…today are among the top female soccer players of the world!

Jeanne C. Olivier used her bold intelligence and mesmerizing personality to trek her way to the top of law, men women alike…she is one of the “super lawyers” of the world today. This doesn’t mean they shunned their family or were shunned by theirs, this doesn’t mean that every person they met was a spike trying to flatten their tire, and this just goes to say that if at all you do come across a bee sting en route your pathway to success: pull it out and move on ahead.

Sneh Sharma, an enterprising young lady, started Ittisa, early this year. She quit her previous company wanting to start off something of her own- social media and digital marketing is all she could fathom. She came across an instance where during conversation her eyes were opened to the gender bias that women face when it comes to employment in oh so many industries. That was it! “My company is going to be all girls”, she exclaimed! She was mocked by so many, to the point that she was challenged “There is no way it will work”. Guess what? It did work, it is working and it will keep working.  Ittisa encourages women from all walks of life to come and express themselves, in the hope to instill confidence in so many that are pieces of carbon that simply haven’t had the right amount of pressure and heat to turn into that magnificent diamond yet.

My point here is, we all have a “Sherpa” in us. We all have what it takes to overcome obstacles and mountaineer our way through this Everest we call life. All we have to do is live it our way.

Never stop, never sway, climb on…the SHEROES way!

If you’re a woman who wants to make a difference, drop in at the Ittisa office. There’s nothing better than a sizzling exchange of ideas with a cup of warm tea.

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Meet the SHEROES – Sneh Sharma

August 16, 2014

sneh sharma hr


An entrepreneur, a go-getter- At the age of 26, Sneh Sharma is the quintessential power house. Compassion and warmth along with leadership harmoniously entwined makes her a breeze to work with. Sneh started working at the mere age of 19 and has never looked back. Her zeal for being on top in the industry motivated her to co-found Webenza, a digital agency, which makes her probably one of the youngest entrepreneurs you know! Her nature being the perfect blend of creativity and objectivity, along with her relentless pursuit for perfection makes her a visionary when it comes to the implementation of successful campaigns. Sneh has been the youngest winner of the “10 Powerful Ladies in Indian Digital Media Industry” award in 2013 and also bagged the “Top 50 Digital Marketers in Asia” award in the same year. She has also worked with prominent clients like Mara Group, Tuborg, ICICI, Manipal Education, B.Pac and Schneider Electric Bajaj etc. Her meticulous personality keeps her on her feet when it comes to her hobbies as well! You bet she can’t beat you in Badminton, Table Tennis or Cross Country? Well she can and she will! People don’t generally mess with this pretty little thing- her gold medal in Taekwondo acts as her protective shield. She believes that you have to be good to see good. It is safe to say that Sneh is the kindest dare devil that you will come across!

Why an all women organization? How does it make a difference?

In a world where impacting women are on the rise, it’s very disheartening to see and hear so many instances where our capabilities are doubted. So many companies are gender biased, our employment opportunities are nowhere close to be equal. When Sneh, came up with the idea of an all girls agency, she was doubted…”it won’t work”, “don’t do it” is what she kept hearing. When you challenge Sneh, consider it a completed task! She made up her mind to create an organization where women would always be on top. Being an independent woman, she also finds that the perks of being one can prove to be quite a boon. No one gets women more than women and well, we know what the men want too!

Ittisa in 5 years from now

Taking away from the mainstream ideologies of brand development, she wants to focus on branding with a cause. She wishes to revolutionize the world of communications and through that send across messages that will make the world a happier place. Needless to say, she wants to take Ittisa to the next level. “We will be the benchmark for brand development”, says Sneh with a confident smile on her face.

An advice for all SHEROES out there

“The world is your playground. Be proud of what and who you are!”

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