PIKU’s Digital Marketing Success – Promotion Se Hi Emotion!

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PIKU’s Digital Marketing Success – Promotion Se Hi Emotion!

May 5, 2015 , ittisalogin

Gone are the days when a simple gif, a grainy clip and a picture on cyberspace could complete your entire digital marketing strategy. Today, there are new tools, and newer technologies at work constantly, to change the face of a movie’s online promotion strategy. Going viral may seem herculean to some movie-makers, but some are now so adept at using social media devices, that getting their video to the top of the shared list is a cakewalk. Today, if your movie does not have its very own dedicated Facebook page, Twitter account with several hundred followers, and a dozen or so gifs floating around the internet, your movie is believed to have flopped even before its release.

When the posters came out for upcoming Bollywood flick PIKU, there was no lingering doubt in anyone’s mind that its promotion too would be as different and quirky as the poster looked. And as Mr Amitabh Bachchan (one of the movie’s megastars) promised, the promotion tactics used by the movie’s team have been refreshingly hilarious and definitely something to take note of.
Here’s a look at how effectively the movie’s promotion methods have used the power of the internet:

YouTube :


The teaser that was released prior to the movie, kick-started the promotional campaign.What this teaser did brilliantly was showcase the simplicity of the characters in the movie, rather than show off about the movie like any other run-of-the-mill teaser.

MSM Motion Pictures began the task of uploading video after video of promotional events such as the music launch and fashion apparel launch, tempting fans of Deepika Padukone to click and upvote everything.

Brand partners such as Parachute Advansed – for which Ms Padukone is also incidentally the brand ambassador – even launched their own video showing Deepika massaging her head with their product.


All in all, the movie was seldom out of sight on the popular video-sharing portal.



Talk about rapid-fire sharing! The promoters left no stone unturned when it came to all things net-based. Their mantra seemed to be ‘PIKU trailers: now coming to tablets, PCs and even phones near you!’ Soon after the teaser was released, an innovative strategy was followed, wherein personalised video invites were sent on WhatsApp, for the trailer launch of the movie.



Given its resounding power to make everything go viral, Facebook was an automatic choice for PIKU’s promotion. The page started its activities in October 2014, keeping the audience guessing with the first few posts. The page also installed apps such as ‘PIKU trailer’, ‘PIKU title track’, and ‘PIKU song’, to keep audiences constantly engaged. Dialogue promos were also shared on this platform.


twitter promotion pinku

This is where PIKU perhaps overshadowed other digital marketing efforts by other recent Bollywood movies, with the exception of Ra One, Chennai Express and Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara. Hashtags were used superbly, such that one of them – #8thMay – became a Trend on Twitter India, meaning that most of India was talking about the movie’s release date, in one context or other.

Movies today are widely discussed on all digital and social media platforms. People comment, review and rate movies on websites, blogs, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. While the post-release phase of the movie is the most widely anticipated, it is equally important to generate that much-needed buzz before a movie in order to ensure that people flock to see it. To make sure that the target audience is receiving all the movie’s promotional updates in this day and age, digital marketing is the way to go.

PIKU has pushed the traditional boundaries by using Facebook and Twitter in tandem, and encouraging their brand partners to do so as well. Their hashtags and buzzwords on Twitter, and frequent photos of exclusive behind-the-scenes moments from the movie on Facebook, are perfect examples of how best to employ these digital tool to take a movie from just a form of entertainment to a brand in itself.

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