Airtel Wynk

( Logo & Social Media )

Wynk is an entertainment app supported by Airtel that boasts of an enormous downloadable library of music, movies and games. For a free music app that allows unlimited streaming and downloading of music, the social media strategy had to be even more dynamic than the app itself.

Objective: Improve engagement levels on social media

Services Offered: Social Media Management, Content Marketing, Search Engine Marketing Solutions

The task at hand was interesting but challenging as well. Music as an arena has been tried, experimented with and excelled in, and there seemed to be a lot of ideas but none that were new. With creativity at a standstill, we looked towards data. A quick analysis of their app showed us the top charting songs, the songs people were listening to again and again. Using this data we developed a social media strategy that included gifs, quirky content and memes all based on the trending songs. Our content marketing strategy reflected the data and the result was a campaign that was a resounding success, which brought us the mandate for logo design of Wynk Games as well.