(Social Media, UI/UX)

Bhima Gold is one of the most trusted names in the world of jewellery, since 1925. With branches spread across India and abroad, they have a wide range of jewellery that suits the taste of all generations.

Objective: Increase engagement and appeal to a younger audience

Services Offered: Website Design & Development, Social Media Management, Content Marketing

We were given the task of re-branding Bhima Gold on social media to reflect a younger, more millennial mindset. Considering that Ittisa is full of young talent, we found the task exciting and right up our alley. We used a healthy combination of attractive images and smart copy as our content marketing strategy that clearly put across the brand’s ethos. Our digital branding solutions helped the brand improve its visibility and garner the attention of younger customers. We were also given the responsibility of re-designing Bhima Gold’s website.