(Social Media, SEO, SEM)

Deepkala Silk Heritage is a one-stop online clothing store for women with a peerless collection of ethnic designer garments. With over 15 million customers across 175 countries, Deepkala Silk Heritage offers modern shoppers one of the best and most effortless shopping experiences, globally.

Objective: Increase awareness and desire through digital strategy

Services Offered: Website Maintenance, Ecommerce Management, Social Media Management, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, SEO, SEM

Although Deepkala Silk has been around for years, we discovered that their social presence was woefully weak. So, we brought the age old clothing store into this world of massive possibilities to promote their impressive fashion products online. By use of creative collaterals that showcased Deepkala’s impressive collection, we promoted the store like it had never been done before. We also took up their SEO to boost and promote their organic search results. Apart from that, as an email marketing service provider, we made use of emails to lead to an all-time high in website traffic.