(Apparel Ecommerce Website - UI/UX & Development)


An exclusive online ethnic store for women, Deepkala Silk Heritage boasts of over 15 million customers, spread across 175 countries. It serves to be a one-stop destination for present-day shoppers, providing them with a smooth and satisfactory shopping experience, on a global basis.

Deepkala Silk had a functioning website, but what they wanted us to do was develop innovative designs or processes that would bring about a major improvement when it came to customer-experience. Apart from that, they also wanted their users to spend more time on their website.

Our UI/UX website design strategy was to develop a custom checkout process, along with integrating Razorpay payment gateway, ensuring the checkout process was smoother than before. A custom measurement form and shipping cost calculator were also developed by us, to enhance the experience level of customers. The result was the brand having one of the best UI/UX websites and customers started spending more time on the site and there was satisfaction on both sides.

Services Offered: Website Development, Strategy, Social Media Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, SEO.