(Social Media)

Himalayan Natives is a 100% natural, newly launched brand that produces organic ghee, sourced directly from the pristine Himalayas. Their range of products is highly nutritious, with traditional flavour and aroma, sans preservatives and artificial colours. Our objective was to introduce the brand on social media and establish their online brand presence in a highly competitive market.


Objective: Establish, expand and strengthen the digital presence of the brand and increase awareness about the naturalness and benefits of the products.


Services Offered: Social media management, Content Marketing, Social Listening and Monitoring, Online Reputation and Management


As their sole social media marketing agency, we launched Himalayan Natives on social media. Our content marketing strategy was primarily about the uniqueness of the products being sourced from free-range, grass-fed Himalayan cows. We came up with a distinctive creative style for their social media posts so that it can easily catch the attention of the audience.