Inventure Academy

(Social Media, SEO, SEM, Website Maintenance)

Inventure Academy, located in Bangalore, is a NPO set up by India Learning Foundation in 2005. It is a fully accredited and independent international school and is affiliated to the  Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) and CISCE.

Objective: Increase awareness, admission and recruitment

Services Offered: Website Design & Development, Social Media Management, Content Marketing, SEO, SEM

Being in the field of education, Inventure Academy wanted an agency that could conform with its high standards of English and was an expert in writing high-quality content. Their main objective from social media was to keep parents aware of the school’s achievements and keep them involved in their children’s education.

That is exactly what we did through informative social media posts, regular newsletters and mailers and consistent website updates. Continuous work on SEO has led to Inventure’s name popping up on the first page of organic Google search results with various brand and non-brand related keywords.

Inventure wanted to focus on hiring qualified teachers but was having a tough time doing so given time constraints and the lack of talent. We suggested LinkedIn as the best channel and ran ads for them to hire the right people leading to high recruitment rates.

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