(Social Media, Offline Print Design)

iRobot is a US based, robotics company that has transformed the world of cleaning to make it more convenient and effective. iRobot designs and builds robots that vacuum and mop to help people find smarter ways to clean their homes and accomplish more in their daily lives.

As popular as technology and gadgets are on social media, robot vacuum cleaners and mops surely run on a different tune. This one was a new and exciting challenge that we couldn’t wait to take up.

Objective: Increase awareness and desire for iRobot vacuum cleaners in India

Services Offered:Social Media Marketing Solutions, Content Marketing, Offline Collateral Design, SEO, SEM

Hugely popular in the US, marketing iRobot in the Indian market was a whole different ball game. This is because, here, vacuum cleaners are not the main mode for floor cleaning, the bai is! So, how do you go about connecting with people on an emotional level with such a product? As we found out, our creative and thought provoking lifestyle related posts did wonders for the social media presence of iRobot India. Offline promotion was equally if not more important in terms of sales and we did it through succinct print ads that were displayed in stores. We were able to rise to the needs of offline requirements with creative content and design in terms of standees, banners, backdrops and much more.