Kalandri Foundation

(Non-Profit Website - UI/UX & Development)


Owned by Ramesh Kumar Shah, Kalandri Foundation was founded to provide people in urban areas an authentic experience of the rural life in India. Running on the faith of Jainism, it provides a platform to philanthropic people who wish to bring about a change in the life of a villager, by giving back to society.

For such a noble cause, we wanted to make sure that the website was appealing and at the same time hard hitting to viewers in order to encourage them to take action. The website’s content focused on describing the lives, trials and tribulations of people in rural India and how a simple approach can bring about a positive change.

A story was written, encouraging people to make an impact. Offers like free accommodation, meals and tours were ideated and offered for strengthening the resolve of the audience to bring the change they wish to see.

Services Provided: Website UI/UX, Website Development