(Branding & Strategy, SEO, ASO, SEM, Social Media)

MAAD is the world’s first user generated ad making app which essentially hosts an opportunity for users to create ads for their favourite brands. Users can choose from a plethora of brands spanning various industries. The app provides an amazing platform to the general public to showcase their creativity by creating ads and getting paid in return.

Objective: Educate viewers about MAAD and increase awareness

Services Offered: Branding & Strategy, App Design, Website Design & Development, Social Media Management, Content Marketing, In-App Marketing

We came onboard even before MAAD was fully conceptualised and created their logo, mascot and brand guidelines from scratch. A lot of thought was put into the logo and mascot which bring to life a personal story. We also designed the UI/UX of the app interface to make it appealing and professional looking. Social media for MAAD was a tricky affair since we had to target both brands and customers. Social media strategy was divided between the two objectives tied together by engaging posts to keep the audience interactive and alive. Because of our unique approach to social media, MAAD trended nationally on Twitter on the day of their launch itself. Simultaneously we also worked at ASO & SEO; running and managing ads.