My D Juice

(FMCG Website - UI/UX & Developmen)

MyD Juices, one of our earliest clients is an extension of Barakat freshly squeezed juices based in the UAE. Our brief was to create a distinct brand identity for MyD Juices through UI/UX web design. The USP we aimed at embodying through the website was that one 330ml bottle of their juice provides about 1/3rd of your required daily vitamins- especially Vitamin D.

A perfect solution for those who love fresh squeezed juice but are pressed for time to make it themselves, the website was designed to be highly functional and interactive. With a huge focus on user experience, we created a website with a happy, bright exterior that brought out the fun elements of drinking fresh juice and also its nutritional facts. Ittisa, being one of the best UI UX design companies in Bangalore, ideated, designed and developed the website from scratch and delivered it in a record 6 weeks!

Services Offered: Website UI/UX, Website Development