Quick Ride

(Social Media)

India’s largest carpool network, Quickride is a real-time ride sharing application that makes everyday commute a lot more economical, safe and fun. Initially launched in Bangalore, they are slowly expanding their wings in the entire country. The brand has managed to capture the perfect essence of saving the environment and your bank balance.

Objective: Leverage the power of social media to grow online outreach exponentially to increase brand recognition and recall.

Services Offered: Social media management, Content Marketing, Social Listening and Monitoring, Online Reputation and Management, Video Creation & Marketing, Search Engine Marketing Campaign and Ads Management.

Our brief was to establish the brand as well as revolutionize the meaning of shared travel. We focused on increasing their digital reach, as well as the number of monthly rides taken and offered by users. Our social media marketing strategy included highlighting their service benefits and uniqueness with an unconventional campaign to create awareness and recall.