(Social Media, Print, Packaging Design)

ReTiSense is a Bangalore-based tech company specialising in wearable solutions with an aim to provide actionable guidance. Their first product, Stridalyzer, is a wearable stride analyzer. It is a pair of insoles wired with sensors that can be placed in a runner’s shoes to detect pressure at various parts of the feet.

Objective: Market Stridalyzer to increase awareness and usage

Services Offered: Social Media Management, Content Marketing

It’s not every day that you come across a product like Stridalyzer. The fitness gadget is truly one-of-a-kind. Therefore, efforts with respect to its marketing had to be equally unique to grab eyeballs. We created campaigns and various promotional collateral to share across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, G+ and Pinterest. Our efforts were split between monitoring the page’s performance on social media channels, and reaching out to serious runners, popular running communities and organizers of running events, including local marathons and races. Using questionnaires and surveys, we employed their feedback to boost our strategy in promoting Stridalyzer. Our pre-order promotions even helped the company rig in some happy customers!