Read to kids by World Reader

(Social Media)

Read To Kids is a reading app developed by World Reader- a US based NGO that is on a mission to create a literate world. The diminishing costs of digital technology and the growing prevalence of mobile phones in developing countries like Africa and India, led World Reader to create reading apps which allowed anyone, anywhere access to quality books in different languages.

Objective:Increase in-app interaction and usage of the app

Services Offered: In-App Marketing, Social Media Management, Design

We developed a mobile notification strategy that would timely remind and encourage parents to read to their children more often. Not just frequent reading, the notifications also aimed at educating parents on the correct method of storytelling to make the experience more enjoyable and meaningful to children. Extremely happy with our ability to directly reach the heart of the audience combined with our in-depth analytical skills, Read To Kids handed over their social account to us as well, and our social media marketing campaign did make a difference to their brand and educate parents about the importance of reading at the same time.