(Branding & Strategy, Social Media, UI/UX)

Tweet2Health is the latest name in the healthcare/hospitality sector. This healthcare mobile app gives you unbiased medical information for all health related queries. Be it first-hand user reviews of doctors and hospitals or a plethora of health related articles and discussions, Tweet2Health is the best solution for making right medical decisions.

We worked on T2H’s website design and social media with a view to creating a distinct brand for them. Since T2H is a medical app, we wanted the website to reflect a certain sense of credibility and professionalism and give viewers a clear view of what the app was about. The website was kept simple and straightforward with easy navigation.

Social media is a medium, an effective one at that, where viewers look out for information and life hacks. We leveraged on this and laid out our social media plan for Tweet2Health. Regular medical updates, tips, chats, health discussions, blogs, and articles are updated along with attractive creatives to keep it interesting and engaging for the audience.