Vijaya Bank

(Digital Transformation, Social Media, Social CRM, Video Animation)

Vijaya Bank, headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka, is one of India’s leading banks with a dynamic history and experience of 85 years. After winning the bank’s digital mandate, we took over the reins to take it on the ultimate digital journey and make it more accessible to customers.

Objective: Create awareness and generate brand trust amongst a younger audience

Services Offered: Social Media Management, Content Marketing, Social Listening & Monitoring, Online Reputation Management, Video Creation & Marketing, SEO, Search Engine Marketing Solutions

In 2016, we launched Vijaya Bank on social media with huge success. As their sole agency responsible for digital strategy, our objective was to establish their legacy to build trust amongst a younger audience. Therefore, we focused on building a community and increasing engagement.

Vijaya Bank emerged as one of the fastest growing banks in the digital space due to our implementation of new-age technologies like social CRM, customer profiling through big data and social banking on Twitter. Apart from regular social media activities, we also created multiple videos (branding and product-focused) to increase awareness and reach.