AMP Development Company

Most content publishers face the difficulty of retaining readers on their page while the content loads. Almost 40% of readers tend to click away or close a page before the content loads and this poses a big challenge for developers. Since the goal for any developer is to create responsive and high-speed pages, AMP is a good way to go.

At Ittisa, an AMP development company, our developers create flawless Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) that are highly responsive and load almost instantly so as to retain readership. These pages are an open-source initiative that helps brands create content that is accessible to everyone regardless of the operating system or form factor. As a Google Partner Agency, we stay on top of developments – new and old and provide flawless AMP for our clients.

Advantages of Developing Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

  1. Lower load time
  2. No need for custom solutions
  3. Better performing SEO
  4. AMP Stamps on Search Engines
  5. Better ads and analytics experience

Best AMP Developers in Bangalore

Ittisa is an award-winning development company specialising in UI/UX design solutions. We help our clients create visually immersive, high speed and rich looking web pages. We are known to rapidly deploy projects and are even involved in the maintenance of it. If you are looking for engaging, highly adaptive and scalable solutions, look no further than Ittisa.