Brand Partnership


At Ittisa, we specialise in brand partnerships in order to deliver brand awareness, drive engagement and generate better ROI. We align your brand with the right partners to acquire new customers and generate more revenue for your business. We strongly believe in the concept of collaboration and that’s why we bring together companies, people and ideas that are different but work well together.

Brand partnerships are all about building relationships, mixing backgrounds, values and specialisations, and watching something new emerge. One of the main reasons as to why most brands fail is because of a faulty customer acquisition strategy. Brand partnerships are a cost effective way to accelerate growth and get word about your brand out there.

We help you connect with the best partners for your business by:

  1. Researching on the category and type of partner
  2. Developing a partner value proposition
  3. Onboarding the right partner
  4. Creating a proposal that helps you get the most out of a deal
  5. We bring together brands, companies, people and expertise to reveal certain actionable insights that drive your business growth. Because two heads (companies) really are better than one