Branding & Strategy

If we asked your customers to describe your brand in 3 words, what would they say? If your customers can’t describe your brand in 3 words, it means your brand isn’t on top of their mind. In today’s society, when there’s a new brand being introduced into the market every day, you have to communicate your story and identity in such a way that resonates with your customers.

Whether you need to rebrand or refresh your image, we dive into every detail, every color, every message that shapes your identity and helps your brand come to life. We start by asking the right questions - What do you stand for? Why should anyone care about your message? - and understand where you desire to be to deliver an insight-driven strategy that represents your purpose and drives measurable results.

Our branding services help businesses connect with people and bring their brands to life. We make sure your brand story is embedded strongly in your customer’s life through sharp brand experiences. At Ittisa, as one of the leading branding companies in Bangalore, we make sure your brand stays relevant, top of mind, and never gets lost in translation.

Scope Of Our Digital Branding Services

Strategic Rebranding

We delve into a thorough analysis of your brand in terms of its current positioning in the market relative to your competition and where you want the brand to be. We examine all touchpoints, from the design to the messaging to the channels used to market the brand. Our specialists then develop a strategic plan for a rebrand or a refresh based on your goal and direction.

Benefits of our services

Enhanced Credibility

As a result of our branding services, your strong identity will solidify the trust among your customers, increasing your credibility in the marketplace.

Customer Loyalty

Our experts craft messaging that helps your brand connect with followers on an emotional level to engage and encourage them to convert into a customer.

Competitive Edge

We portray your brand the way you want to be perceived. Your unique vision, coupled with increased recognition and credibility, will maximize your relevance in the market and help launch new products in the future.

Brand Recognition

Our specialist will design eye-catching and memorable visuals, logos, tagline, and messaging that become a part of your customers’ life and helps you stay top of mind. They will easily recognize your brand everywhere they go.

Improved Brand Image

As a results-driven branding agency in Bangalore, we take your brand to the next level. With our digital branding services, your brand will be perceived in a positive light, and transformed into an aspirational brand that every customer will want to be a part of.

Relatable Brand Identity

Customers connect with brands they share values with. Through our impactful and engaging visuals and messaging, we will make your brand relatable to solidify customer loyalty among existing and new customers, as well as future generations.

FAQS on Branding & Strategy

Branding is the process of making your brand come to life by defining its tone and crafting a meaningful message. Branding shapes your identity and the way customers perceive your business.

Branding allows customers to connect with you. The way you position your brand, your brand values, and your brand’s purpose communicates your story and helps humanize your brand to enable customers to connect with your brand and make a purchase.

A catchy name and a logo are elements of a brand. Your customers need something to attach themselves to, and branding helps shape your identity and bring your brand to life. It adds meaning and values to your business that helps customers feel connected to you.

At Ittisa, as a top branding agency in Bangalore, we start our digital branding process by trying to understand your business goals, what you want to communicate with your customers and your unique value proposition. We deep-dive into your industry and analyze your competitors and customer behavior to get a comprehensive understanding of where you currently stand compared to your goals. Our experts develop a strategy that outlines the timeline and deliverables needed to achieve your goal. Once you approve the strategy, we start the implementation to create a brand that stays on top of customers' minds.

The deliverables vary depending on your business objectives. We provide a brand book that outlines your mission, vision, target audience, brand values, and more. Depending on your needs, we create logos, taglines, visuals, messaging, content creation, brand videos, etc.

We take the time to understand your brand and develop concepts that represent your vision. Therefore, there isn’t a definitive timeline. However, our cohesive brand strategy & management will ensure that your brand is clearly well-positioned in the market above your competitor and develops a strong connection with your customers.

To be a successful brand, you have to keep evolving your brand strategy to build interest among your customers. At Ittisa, we continuously monitor the market and fine-tune your strategy to keep up with competitors and consumers. We will hold a meeting to discuss new business objectives or goals you may have and develop an action plan to help you achieve your goals and stay relevant.

We have experience working with clients across various industry verticals - from food, eCommerce, music, entertainment businesses, and more. We have a track record of going the extra mile to satisfy our clients and help their businesses succeed.

Whether you are a start-up or a well-established brand, it’s imperative to invest in branding to stay relevant to your customers among changing market conditions and customer behavior. It’s even more important as a start-up to invest in branding because it can help fortify your market presence, increase brand awareness, connect with your audience, essentially helping you turn your start-up into a household name.

Being one of the best branding companies in Bangalore, we practice honest, transparent communication with our clients during the entire project. We sit down and deep-dive into your performance to help you understand why things worked and why things didn’t. We help you understand the evolution of your brand and ensure that our strategies are aligned with your vision at all times.


“Ittisa did an AMAZING job designing our logo and brochure! They demonstrated exceptional creativity and professionalism. They were very transparent and valued my inputs. Will definitely use them again for any services I need in the future.”

“When we needed to rebrand our identity, we were looking for a top branding agency in Bangalore and we chose Ittisa. It was the best business decision we have ever made! They did so much more than we expected and made sure everything reflected who we are as a brand. “

“Ittisa really enhanced our brand identity, and helped grow our brand. Their extra effort, promptness, attention to detail, creativity is what makes them different from other digital branding agencies. They always deliver and produce high-quality work, no matter what!”

“The digital branding service that Ittisa provides us is 100% consistent, fresh, creative, and always meets our needs! They paid such good attention to every last detail so that my brand reputation would not suffer. I couldn’t be happier with their service, they really enhanced how my brand was perceived, and now I have so many sales!”



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