Content Strategy Analytics

Why does your business need content strategy analytics?

In order to understand how brand content is performing in terms of virality, advocacy, awareness, reach and engagement content analytics is extremely important. It is possible to improve your content strategy by doing an in-depth content analysis & metrics benchmarking. A strong content strategy will help you create a more impactful campaign and thus a better brand.

Content strategy analytics at Ittisa:

Creating content that will go viral and engage your audience can be a quite tricky business. Therefore, it becomes necessary to comprehend social media data and facts around their behaviour for developing strategies and trending content. Our dedicated team of content analysts conduct detailed performance analysis of content to develop insights and bring actionable metrics into the picture.

Content Creation: We measure the effectiveness of content by checking the presence and density of relevant keywords. Content Analysis: We identify pages that lead to better conversion for getting a clearer picture of the products or services that interest customers. We also analyse pages that have high bounce rates in order to generate the rights actions for gaining maximum benefits and even lead generation.

Content Channels: We use analytical tools to look for content that users are actively searching for on search engines and social media channels.

Better outcomes: Tracking helps us to create powerful marketing campaigns that generate huge engagement from the users. At Ittisa, we provide complete content analysis services and actively look for correlations and patterns in content that helps us to develop trending topics and formats. Content built on in-depth analysis garner more relevant traffic to your website and social media sites.

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