Businesses today, are part of a global economy- an increasingly fluid environment. Business demands are highly complex, competitive and customer demands even more so. At Ittisa, we follow a structured as well as nimble approach to solve the many challenges a company faces. By approaching problems with a 360 degree view, we ensure that our solutions not only provide immediate results but are also sustainable in the long run.

We aim at transforming businesses by bringing their vision to life and developing unique solutions while creating value. We combine creativity, technology, subject knowledge and experience while designing custom solutions.

We believe in not only addressing the challenges, but also identifying opportunities and reimagining the business offerings. We work across industries such as financial services, ecommerce, healthcare, fashion, energy, FMCG etc.

With us, you can:

Achieve greater insights into your challenges
Expect a combination of design, technology and knowledge in the solution
Improve business performance
Reduce costs
Transform your business