Mobile Marketing Services

Why does your business need mobile marketing services?

Marketers and businesses are seeing a huge change in the way people are using the Internet. It has been explicitly noticed that people are moving to mobile devices from desktops to search for queries. Our mobile marketing strategies involve marketing on mobile devices like smartphones, tablets etc. As mobile devices are clearly seen to outnumber television sets by a ratio of almost 3:1, the chances of a potential customer seeing an ad on mobile are greater than on any other form of online advertising.

Mobile advertising and app promotion services have come a long way and have now become an integral part of the marketing mix for different brands. Mobile marketing strategies include advertising in the form of text ads via SMS marketing or banner ads that appear embedded in downloaded apps, mobile websites or mobile games. Mobile shopping and m-commerce have grown tremendously with the help of mobile advertising and the latest mobile app marketing strategies.

Mobile marketing services at Ittisa:

As part of our mobile marketing services, we focus on sophisticated methods to increase customer engagement, influence buying patterns and facilitate a purchase from a mobile device. We tailor our mobile marketing campaigns based on information like an individual’s web browsing history, shopping habits or geographic location. We believe that in-app advertising offers brands a better opportunity to target the right audience. Compared to other mediums, in-app advertising gives better results as it confines s the targeted consumer’s attention and at the same time encourages him/her to interact without any intrusion.

Mobile marketing not only creates brand awareness but also crafts a social media friendly, interactive experience which results in deepening a customer’s relationship with a brand and therefore increases sales. With technology advancing every day, we can only expect mobile advertising to inflate and grow in new and exciting directions.

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