Online Reputation Management

The most influential contributor to the success or, in some cases, failure of a company or person is their online reputation. No amount of marketing, or apologies can make up for a negative review or rating by a customer. In a digital world dominated by the “cancel culture, “ all it takes is one dissatisfied customer to make others reconsider purchasing or interacting with your business.

Negative comments, content, and ratings can come from anywhere. The more there are, the more damaging it is for your brand. That is why they need to be addressed and taken care of immediately to avoid their lingering presence in the search engine results, further dampening your business reputation. Very little can be done to repair a severely tarnished reputation, therefore, these issues must be stopped and dealt with before they turn into a bigger problem.

That is where Ittisa comes into play. As one of the best online reputation management companies in Bangalore, we provide full-service online reputation management services (ORM) for your business to ensure that your brand is presented in the best light possible to your consumers.

We monitor what is being said about your company on all platforms such as social media channels, review sites, blogs, forums, articles etc. We will remove the negative comments, actively engage with customers online to encourage positive attitudes towards your company, and develop a strategic action plan to mitigate any damage. The end result is an improved positive online brand presence augmented by customer satisfaction and organic reviews.

When you work with the best ORM company in Bangalore, you get back control over your brand’s online presence. Our expert team will promote positive content about your business, and strengthen the relationship with your potential clients, enhancing your brand’s online reputation like never before.

Scope of our Services

In-Depth Reputation Analysis

Being part of a leading ORM company in Bangalore, our consultants will conduct a thorough analysis of your business, and track all negative and positive comments and content. We will then provide you a strategy outlining the timeline for your results, and our approach to improving your online reputation

Benefits of Working with Us

Increased Brand Awareness

Our combined efforts to suppress negative comments and leverage SEO practices will not only boost your reputation but also ensure your brand is listed at the top of search results.

Improved Brand Reputation

We will promote positive reviews and direct dissatisfied customers to you so you can improve their experience, making him/her more likely to leave a high-quality positive review and improving your online brand reputation.

Connection To Broader Target Audience

Customers trust online reviews. As we drive positive reviews and ratings and improve your website ranking on Google, your brand will attract a wider customer base who are actually interested in your offerings and content.

Increased Conversion

Positive reviews drive conversion. Our approach will ensure that your customers are directed to sites mentioning positive reviews, content, etc, of your brand, thus driving their inclination to buy and improving your conversion rate.

Regular Communication and Dedicated Team

We consistently share progress reports to show your improvements, pivots, and any setbacks so you know what’s happening throughout the entire process.

Improved Ratings & Reviews

Our team uses reputation management software to stay on top of brand mentions, reviews and ratings. We will catch potential negative reviews before they are posted, and leverage positive content, creating a balanced online reputation for your business.


Online reputation of your brand is the result of what is being said about you on various platforms including social media, blogs, articles, etc.

Online reputation management is a combination of strategy and techniques that is used to mitigate any damage to your brand image, leverage the positive reviews to ultimately get your brand noticed by customers, and increase conversion.

Absolutely. Online reputation management works in tandem with SEO. When there are negative ratings and reviews about your company, it deters customers from visiting your site or purchasing your product. Search engines promote sites that have relevant content and positive user experience. By implementing SEO, we’ll be able to improve all facets of your online presence, thereby your reputation.

Part of online reputation management is getting customers to notice your brand. When people leave negative reviews, search engines register this as a bad user experience and suppress your website lower, which prevents your customers from finding your service. By optimizing content, we will be producing content that your customers are interested in, which leads to increased traffic and website rank, and as a result, gets you noticed by a wider audience.

Our expert teams continuously monitor customer behavior, and direct those who are most likely to leave high-quality positive reviews to sites and encourage them to do so. We research keywords and content that your customer is actually interested in to get your brand noticed by the right customers, and elevate their experience, which leads to a higher page rank in search results and increased positive reviews and content.

Online reputation management requires professional help because it is a complex process that is tied in with SEO. It requires you to monitor and deal with content on various sites, research and optimize keywords and content, and identify and reach out to influencers and customers in a strategic manner to generate genuine positive results. Our team uses professional softwares to automate and stay on top of changes, reviews etc. If you were to do this by yourself, you would be sacrificing the time and focus needed to grow your business.

Our team will do our best to remove negative reviews or content relating to your brand. However, in some cases, it is impossible to completely remove the negative content. In such cases, we will develop a counter plan to ensure that your reputation is portrayed only in a positive light in the eyes of your customers and potential clients.

Your online reputation fluctuates with customer satisfaction. Things can change, and people can leave negative comments on review sites. It’s an on-going maintenance that needs to be monitored and dealt with consistently to maintain a positive online presence in the long run.

Our online reputation management services are tailored to your needs and priorities. We start with a meeting to understand your business, your priorities and your goals. We will then audit sites such as social media, review sites, blogs etc - anywhere your brand is mentioned - to uncover your current reputation, and develop a strategy to achieve the results you desire.

As online reputation management is a very complex process that requires a lot of work with various websites and SEO, it can take weeks and even months for the positive content to rank higher than negative content, and for your brand to rank higher in search results.

It depends on the amount of negative reviews and ratings, your current reputation, and your ranking in the search engine results. It can take weeks or even months to achieve your desired results depending on the workload.


“Ittisa truly did an excellent job helping us understand online reputation management and their approach. They were able to fully answer all my questions, and I could really tell how dedicated they were in helping me achieve my results. Their expertise and knowledge is unmatched and greatly appreciated. I would happily recommend their service to anyone! “

“Ittisa completely transformed our online presence and image! The team was extremely thorough, responsive and incredibly understanding of our needs. When coming onboard, our rankings were poor, and we had negative content that was hindering our success. Ittisa cleaned up the negative content and built our image and ranking. We couldn’t be more pleased with the team and their efforts.”

“We were in need of online reputation management services and found Ittisa on Google search results. From the first meeting, the team provided detailed analysis, feedback and recommendations. They developed detailed plans to help us improve our online presence and reputation. We’re so pleased with their services, that we’ve been working with them with other projects as well.”

“Before Ittisa, we had been working with another agency and weren’t seeing any results. So we decided to join Ittisa. From the very beginning, the team was proactive and detailed. They put together a detailed presentation outlining our business, our reviews, recommendation and competitive analysis. You could tell they really understood our business and our needs. Their focus, professionalism, and expert knowledge is invaluable. They have helped us turn our business around, and gave us back the control over our online presence. We look forward to a great continuation of our partnership with Ittisa.”


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