Online Reputation Management

Why does your business need online reputation management services?

A brand’s online reputation is the convergence of every piece of information about it available online. This information comes together to form a judgment about the brand in a customer’s mind, whether positive or negative. This judgment has the potential to actually affect not just brand equity and sentiment but also the bottom line of the business. With the Internet making finding information as easy as clicking a button, this information has a huge impact on brand reputation. Customers The primary channels or platforms that define a brand’s online reputation include:

  1. Google Search
  2. Wikipedia
  3. Google Reviews, and other review websites

Online reputation management services at Ittisa:

We provide specialist online reputation management (ORM) services that allows customers to show trust in your brand and allows you to portray a certain brand credibility. We understand the implications of negative comments and reviews that spread like fire and drastically affect rankings. We therefore, work hard to make all the organic positive information about your brand easy to find and seed it into different channels as well. Simultaneously, we work with different strategies and tactics to reduce the amount of negative information, reviews and ratings by directly addressing these issues or in some cases, remove it completely from the Internet. The end result is a positive online reputation augmented by organic reviews so that when people search for your brand, they get genuinely positive results.

We, at Ittisa, one of the best online reputation management companies, use technology to help us drive online reputation management. We create dashboards and monitor closely anything that is being said about your brand anywhere on the web. Through careful monitoring, we are able to take appropriate actions. We then analyse findings and activities in order to prepare for future situations.