Ruby On Rails Development

Ruby on Rails development is a challenging web framework and one of the most sought-after open source languages. At Ittisa, we provide standard Ruby on Rails development services and offer an adaptive RoR web development consultancy to our clients.

Why Choose Ruby on Rails for Web Development?

Rails is one of the most productive web application development frameworks designed to work with the Ruby language. Some of the world’s most popular websites like Basecamp, GitHub, Shopify, Airbnb, Twitch, SoundCloud, Hulu, Zendesk, Square, and Highrise have entrusted their businesses to Rails.

Conversely, it also enjoys traction with the budding startups that focus on information delivery. Around 1.2 million websites run on this wonderful platform and some of its world-class features include the following:

  1. Restful APIs and Gems – provides faster development
  2. Follows MVC- Regularized Frameworks
  3. Automate Repetitive Tasks- Cost-effectively
  4. Robust and Secure Framework

Hire our expert Ruby on Rails Developers for building a cost-effective industry standard Ruby on Rails web application.

We closely work with our clients to provide comprehensive solutions and deliver the best in the business. We implement the agile methodology in our development process and release the product in iterations before we release the final product.

Our Ruby on Rails development services in brief:

  1. Customized Enterprise Apps on Rails
  2. Software development on Rails
  3. Software as a service(Saas)
  4. Content management systems development (CMS)
  5. E-Commerce App Development
  6. Improving and redesigning of web applications
  7. Rectifying security and scalability problems
  8. Support, maintenance & migration of ROR platforms

RoR development workflow:

The client requirement and information are gathered. Based on the business analysis, a feedback plan is provided by the Ittisa team. It marks the initial step of the project planning. Our project planning phase is an iterative phase where website design, creatives, and content are aligned in line with the business motive.

Taking the cue from the project plan,Ittisa engages with the project architecture and database design. The creatives design process along with the web design marks the inception of the development process.

As a RoR development company, we employ SCRUM methodologies. So, the product evolves in iterations or sprints in line with the client requirements. After the final approval of the product, Ittisa proceeds to the testing phase where we perform smoke & sanity testing of the product based on different test cases.

Besides, standard test processes such as unit, functional and integration tests are also performed before the deployment of the product. During deployment, a suitable platform is chosen to deploy the infrastructure. After the deployment, we also keep on monitoring the product on the real-time basis in the production environment and extend our support as needed.

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