Social Customer Relationship Management

Why does your business need social customer relationship management services?

In a highly socially connected world, customers intersect and engage with brands at many different points, often avoiding traditional channels of communication and opting for the quicker and more convenient channel of social media. The more prominent channels in terms of 2 way communication are Facebook and Twitter. Regardless of whether a brand is well liked or not, it is a general rule of thumb that if a customer has a negative experience, he will broadcast it to 9/10 friends whereas in case of a positive experience the number of shares falls down to 3/10. And most of this tends to happen on social media. Therefore, it’s important for brands to maintain a certain level of Social CRM in order to improve customer experience.

Social CRM services at Ittisa

At Ittisa, we have a dedicated team who have expertise in operating Simplify360- a social CRM software. We have experience in setting up contact centers- a kind of dashboard through which brands can connect with their audience in real-time to engage or solve queries and answer to complaints.

We run social CRM campaigns for clients across industries and perform the following social CRM services:

  1. Community management: Listening & monitoring conversations and engaging effectively
  2. Social analytics: Gathering and processing important data
  3. Actionable insights: Identifying and analysing findings into actionable insights
  4. Amalgamation: Integrating insights into business development

Take a look at our portfolio to understand what we’ve done more closely. For expert consultation and service inquiries drop us a message at and we’ll be sure to call you back!