Social Media Analytics

Why does your business need social media analytics?

So you’ve been doing everything right on social media, you’re spending the moolah but there has hardly been any engagement or conversion. Why? It’s because you haven’t checked to see if your strategy is effective, if you are talking to the right people, whether you are posting at the right time and if you are engaging with the right brand advocates.

Gone are the days of one-way broadcasting or dissemination of information for marketing purposes of your product and services. All brands are online and everything they do is for everyone to see, judge and comment upon. In this case, social media analytics services are important as listening & monitoring helps to gain insights into the industry and target audience for making effective marketing decisions on social media.

Social media analytics at Ittisa:

At Ittisa, as a social media analytics agency, we analyse brand profiles on social media for relevant content, competitive bench-marking, community responsiveness, sentiment analysis, reach and engagement.

Our social media analytics services also include periodic reports which help brands visualise and understand their customers’ feelings more deeply.

  1. Channel analysis includes monitoring and reporting on the number of followers, likes, dislikes, reach and engagement. We also delve deep into audience characteristics and segregate based on various demographic and psychographic factors in order to build the right target audience on social media. Channels include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+ and YouTube.
  2. We optimise, measure and analyse all paid and organic campaigns on social media. We optimize user experience by studying customers’ journey, interests, and behaviours.
  3. We conduct an in-depth social media analysis to gain competitive advantage, learn about customers, upgrade products and services etc. Social media analytics should be employed more and more to provide a deep understanding of structure and dynamics of community interactions in order to achieve conversion goals or business objectives.

To build strong brands and for lead generation, regular social media monitoring and a strong analytical team helps to find social media trends in product or service preferences and brand perceptions. We achieve our clients’ social media goals by measuring the performance of the social media profiles and optimising approach based on analytical data.

Take a look at our portfolio to understand more closely what we do. For expert consultation and service inquiries drop us a message at and we’ll be sure to call you back!