Web Analytics Services

Digital analytics is one of the key factors in augmenting and making sense of digital marketing efforts. Web analytics is primarily a process for tracking, measuring, analysing and reporting web data or website traffic. Businesses use it not only for market research and but also for examining and improving the effectiveness and user friendliness of their website.

Why does your business need web analytics?

  1. Identify target audience
  2. Fine-tune the website for ease of navigation and user-friendliness
  3. Understand user experience, behavioural pattern and funnel optimisation
  4. Understand funnel data and credit the right channels for conversion
  5. Identify areas of improvement and plan the next course of action

Web analytics services at Ittisa:

At Ittisa, every business decision or marketing plan is based on in-depth analytical research. Our web analytics services give a brand a bird’s eye view of not only current positioning and competition’s hold but also of the key metric indicators of improvement to enhance its online presence. In-depth analysis of user flow and customer journey is carried out by our expert web analysts not just to fully comprehend user journey but also to accelerate the sales cycle and enhance the overall buying experience.

Being a popular web analytics company in Bangalore, we analyse customer interactions on various pages through page views, time spent and visitor tracking to understand customer intent. Website path analysis helps us in making the journey to purchase faster for a user. On the other hand, click and page analytics are used to measure traffic quality. In addition, sales funnel analytics helps us provide an in-depth understanding of triggers that helped in the buying decision.

As a web analytics agency, we believe analytics should be adopted by every brand in order to get insights and bring about continuous improvement in user experience.

Take a look at our portfolio to understand more closely what we do. For expert consultation and service inquiries drop us a message at contact@ittisa.com and we’ll be sure to call you back!