Website Development

Your website is the face of your brand on the digital landscape. It’s the platform that provides customers the first glimpse into your product or services. It’s your virtual storyteller, enticing your customers through your brand story and unique offerings.

Your website needs to be high-performing, interactive, and easy to navigate. The message needs to be clear and impactful to build credibility and create interest among your customers. You need Ittisa - the best ecommerce development company in Bangalore - by your side. We design high quality websites that tell your story and captivate your customers in a creative and refreshing way.

With our creative website design coupled with interactive experiences, impactful content, and functional layout, our web development services will enhance your recognition and image. We optimize your speed, usability, functionality, and performance to create a seamless experience on all interfaces. By partnering with Ittisa, one of the best web development companies in India, your customer’s attention will be immediately drawn to your message, call-to-actions, and interactive experiences of your brand.

Scope of our Web Development Services

Website Design

From planning to delivery, our experienced technical experts create a visually pleasing layout that delivers your message in an engaging way. Our website designs add a creative edge that drives traffic and conversions.


High Conversion

A user-friendly and interactive website creates a positive user experience, which then encourages a purchase and improves your conversion.

Low Bounce Rates

Our technical experts ensure that your website is high-performing and responsive which keeps your customers engaged and interested in exploring different areas of your site.

High Search Engine Rank

We conduct research on SEO and optimize your website with rich, impactful content that creates a positive user experience and provides ease of navigation for search engine crawlers and clients, thus ensuring your website ranks high on search engine results.

Quality Traffic

Our visually appealing design and compelling content will motivate your customers to recommend your business to their friends and on social media, leading to quality traffic from new customers.

Improved Brand Reputation

As a renowned web development company in Bangalore, we implement creative design coupled with enhanced functionality and engaging content to clearly communicate your message to your customers and increase their trust in your offerings.

High Customer Retention

With your website optimized for speed, usability, and functionality, your customers will be motivated to keep using your website and your brand offerings.

FAQS on Website Development

Not at all. We work with clients all over India and even the United States. We can schedule meetings that fit your schedule to discuss progress, performance, and any updates.

You can have as many pages as you would like. However, the number of pages will affect the project timelines. If you have a simple website with 5 pages, we can get the website ready within 4-6 weeks. If you have a complex website, it will take anywhere between 2-3 months to get the website done.

Yes, however, sometimes it can be more efficient to create a new website from scratch than redesign an outdated website. Our team will first conduct an in-depth analysis to determine areas of improvement and discuss our findings with you to find a best solution that fits your needs and goals.

Absolutely. Our website development process combines SEO to ensure that you have the relevant content, keywords, etc to rank high on google and attract quality traffic to your website.

Yes, we always ensure that your website is optimized for mobile.

The time frame depends on the complexity of your website. If you have a simple website, it can take 4-6 weeks to complete. If you have a heavy website, it can take 2-3 months to complete.

Our SEO experts and content writers work together to develop SEO-friendly content that is engaging and interesting to your audience.

100%. Our expert web developers conduct research and testing to ensure that your navigation, content, speed, and overall functionality is optimal for customers and search engines. Based on your needs, we also offer month-to-moth website maintenance at a retainer.

It’s not necessary for you to provide content. At the beginning of our project, we will define the deliverables, including website content. Our content writers will take care of the website content. However, if you already have content, we can definitely work with what you have and optimize it to be search-engine friendly.

Your input is the most valuable element in the entire process. Our team will hold meetings to discuss progress, updates, and performance on a weekly basis. We will send over prototypes, and content for approval. Only if you approve our strategy and design will we start the implementation.


“Ittisa did an amazing job developing our website. They sent us updates every stage of the process, took our input and made the changes. We were very pleased with the website - the graphics, the layout, the design, the content, - everything! We look forward to working with Ittisa in the future.”

“We really appreciate and would like to thank Ittisa for the amazing, quality web maintenance they provided us. We used Ittisa to update web content with SEO-friendly words and some user-friendly functionality for our visitors. Their results got us ranking high again on search engines and more traffic. Their timeliness, professionalism, and honesty is unparalleled. We highly recommend working with Ittisa if you need website development or ongoing maintenance services.“

“The team at Ittisa is extremely knowledgeable in website development. They actually listen to their clients and deliver an excellent website that is user-friendly, engaging, and surpasses your initial visions. I couldn’t be happier with the results they provided. We see the results with our traffic and conversion. Thank you team!”

“I was extremely satisfied and impressed with our website design. The team at Ittisa really took notes on what I needed, down to the minute details. They didn’t leave out a single detail and regularly updated & collaborated with me throughout the entire process to ensure that I was completely satisfied and that the website stayed true to my vision. I was able to increase my customer base by 50% because of Ittisa! I highly recommend Ittisa to everyone!”



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