June 03, 2015

7 Ways to Dodge Google Doorway Page Update

Doorway page update - 7 steps to avoid doorway page update from Google. Know how to build a keyword-focused page and beat Google page update algorithm.

Google is popular for its constant and continuous updates that can totally baffle even the SEO experts. Recently, Google rolled out a new update on doorway pages that still has got SEO professionals on their toes trying to understand its relevance.

Doorway pages, according to Google, are "sites or pages created to rank highly for specific search queries". Google has now taken advanced measures to make sure that webmasters do not take such doorway pages and rank them in the search results.

If doorway pages were the easiest way to rank high in Google search result, it will help your business no more, but will only hurt you. However, if you think your website have doorway pages, here are a few measures you can take to avoid getting slammed by Google doorway page update:

1. Build ethical pages, not empty pages to avoid Doorway page update

If you are smart, Google is smarter and never encourage spam practices. To be on the safer side, steer your website clear of empty pages created for the sake of getting links or traffic to your website. Make sure to provide each page a unique content and build ethical links to avoid Google doorway page update

2. Proper navigation system

Be sure to have a friendly and effective navigation system in place for your website which otherwise can invite trouble. Users should be able to navigate through your pages easily without landing on any repeated links. Also, make sure to avoid any redundant links to stay safe from the Google penalties.

3. Generate Value

Check and go thoroughly through all the pages in your website and ensure that each page adds value to your website and provide the users with useful information. If there are pages created solely for the purpose of driving affiliate traffic to your website, without generating any additional functionality, it definitely needs to be removed to avoid getting penalized by Google doorway page update.

4. Avoid keyword stuffing

The practice of keyword stuffing is considered to be an unethical SEO technique, which however is being extensively used to influence a site's ranking in Google search results. Avoid this at any cost to stay safe and make sure to undertake productive steps forward.

5. Remove repetitive/ duplicative content to avoid doorway page update

Multiple dramatic pages with repetitive, similar or duplicate content will have a great impact with this latest Google algorithm update. Also, make certain to remove any content copied from other. Fill your pages with genuine content to ensure its visibility in Google search results for the keywords used.

6. Avoid Multiple Sub-Domains

Make sure to avoid multiple sub domain and links that often leads to bad user navigation experience. Remember, the main reason for Google's constant updates are to ease the user experience online. Anything that can hinder this process and frustrate users will also be considered as spam pages by Google.

7. Google guidelines

Google provides optimum support and detailed information, accessible for all, in order to help professionals keep a track on and understand all its updates better. Following these guidelines ( will only help you further improve your website ranking and stay safe from Google penalties.

Last but not the least, make sure to keep your users happy and have a strong strategy in place for your online marketing. Manipulative content to influence search results and your users will no more work with Google. It might only get your website permanently banned from Google's search index, sooner or later.

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