April 23, 2024

Building Exclusivity In Communication To Sell A Luxurious Living Experience: Chaithanya Sānkhya

In the dynamic landscape of real estate, exclusivity is more than just a buzzword—it’s a powerful strategy that captivates discerning buyers and elevates properties to a league of their own. When we talk about exclusivity, we’re referring to properties that go beyond the ordinary, offering a lifestyle that’s reserved for a select few. These properties are not just homes but statements of prestige, luxury, and refinement. Our case study focuses on Chaithanya Sānkhya, an ultra-luxury residential project by Chaithanya that epitomises exclusivity. Let’s dive into the details and discover what makes this project truly exceptional and how Ittisa helped convey its message to its audience and reach its marketing goals with ATL marketing activation.

Project Overview: Chaithanya Sānkhya

Chaithanya Sānkhya Chaithanya developers, initially known for their villa projects, wanted to venture into high-rise development. Their vision was to infuse villa-like opulence into vertical living. Chaithanya turned to Ittisa, a digital agency known for its innovative campaigns. Ittisa had a formidable task at hand: to introduce Chaithanya’s high-rise project to the market, emphasising its villa-like features. They strategically marketed their maiden high-rise project, Chaithanya Sānkhya, as “Bungalows in the Sky.” Features of Chaithanya Sānkhya:
  • Location: Budigere Cross, Bangalore
  • IGBC Platinum Pre-Certified 6800 sq. ft. Homes
  • Lavish 3400+ sq. ft. Private Garden Decks
  • An Exclusive Community
  • Quality Living Experience.

Partnership of Chaithanya Sānkhya with Ittisa

Revamping Social Media Presence

Chaithanya Sānkhya with Ittisa social media presence When Chaithanya Sānkhya decided it was time to revamp their social media presence, they knew they needed a fresh perspective. Their existing online channels were functional but lacked the spark that would truly engage potential buyers. Enter Ittisa, a digital marketing agency in Bangalore known for its creativity and strategic thinking. Chaithanya had a clear goal: to create a buzz around their ultra-luxury residential project. They wanted to reach the right audience—the discerning homebuyers who appreciated exclusivity and were willing to invest in something extraordinary. Ittisa understood this aspiration and set out to weave magic in the digital realm.

Focusing on Lead Generation

Lead generation was another critical aspect for Chaithanya Sānkhya. They wanted to attract serious buyers—individuals who weren’t just browsing but were actively seeking their dream home. Ittisa recognised that quality leads were more valuable than sheer numbers. They aimed to bring potential buyers to Chaithanya’s doorstep, armed with genuine interest and the financial capacity to make a purchase.

How Ittisa Helped Chaithanya Sānkhya With Their Marketing Goals

Crafting the Perfect Tagline

Chaithanya Sānkhya MarketingGoals Ittisa’s first stroke of genius was the creation of Chaithanya Sānkhya’s tagline: “It’s Your Kind Of Exclusive.” This phrase encapsulated everything the project stood for. Let’s break it down: “Your Kind Of”: Ittisa understood that exclusivity isn’t a one-size-fits-all concept. Each buyer has unique preferences, aspirations, and tastes. By using “your kind of,” they personalised the experience. It became an invitation—an assurance that Chaithanya Sānkhya was tailor-made for the individual. “Exclusive”: The magic word. It conjures images of sophistication, rarity, and privilege. Ittisa positioned Chaithanya Sānkhya as the pinnacle of exclusivity, where residents wouldn’t settle for anything less than extraordinary.

Constructing The Ideal Definition

“Bungalows in The Sky”, the evocative name bestowed upon Chaithanya Sānkhya’s groundbreaking project, ushers in a new era of urban living. Chaithanya Sānkhya, an innovative project, has redefined real estate by introducing villas in high-rise buildings. This groundbreaking concept seamlessly blends the comfort of villas with the convenience of high-rise living. Unlike traditional ground-floor bungalows, residents of Chaithanya Sānkhya can choose their preferred floor within the tower, allowing them to enjoy the best of both worlds. This innovative approach ensures that each owner enjoys the privacy and exclusivity of their own bungalow, elevated to the sky. As part of this exclusive community, they experience something truly extraordinary—housing elevated to new heights, and a lifestyle that transcends norms. Hence, the aptly named ‘Bungalows in the Sky’ project captures the essence of this exceptional living experience.

Social Media Magic

Ittisa revamped Chaithanya’s social media profiles. They crafted compelling content, showcased breathtaking visuals, and engaged with the audience. From Instagram to YouTube, every platform has become a canvas for luxury living. The result? A growing community of followers eagerly awaited updates. Chaithanya Sānkhya Creatives Targeted Campaigns: Ittisa designed targeted ad campaigns. They identified potential buyers based on demographics, interests, and behaviour. These weren’t generic ads; they were personalised invitations to explore Chaithanya Sānkhya. The click-through rates soared, and inquiries flooded in.

Content That Sparked Desire

Ittisa’s content team knew how to evoke desire. They wrote about the seamless blend of nature and architecture, the allure of ‘Bungalows In The Sky’, and the joy of owning a private garden oasis. Their words resonated with the audience, igniting dreams of a life less ordinary. Chaithanya Sānkhya became more than a project—it became an aspiration, a symbol of exclusivity. And behind it all was the magic touch of a digital marketing partner who understood that luxury isn’t about excess; it’s about finding your kind of extraordinary.

Adventurous Print Ads

Chaithanya Sānkhya Print Ads  Chaithanya Sānkhya Print Ads Ittisa created a print ad for Chaithanya Sānkhya which was featured in the front jacket of The Times of India. This ad exemplified innovation and strategic thinking, resulting in a clean, uncluttered layout that immediately drew attention. The TOI front page ad was designed to pique curiosity. Rather than revealing everything upfront, it enticed readers to explore further. The secret lay in the scanning process—only when you scanned the ad did its true message emerge. Unlike many traditional ads, this one allowed for direct Key Performance Indicator (KPI) measurement. How? By tracking the number of scans or interactions, Ittisa could gauge the ad’s effectiveness offline. This data-driven approach bridged the gap between print and digital metrics. Ittisa’s decision to adopt this unconventional strategy was bold and daring. They took a calculated risk, knowing that breaking away from the norm could yield remarkable results. And it did—the TOI front page ad stood out amidst the sea of mundane real estate promotions.

Striking Hoardings

Chaithanya Sānkhya Striking Hoardings To make audiences more aware of Chaithanya Sānkhya, the Chaithanya team wanted a billboard ad that aimed to capture the attention of passing travellers. The client’s specific request was straightforward: emphasise their product while keeping the content concise with a clear call to action. Armed with insights, Ittisa crafted a visually captivating design that seamlessly blended aesthetics with purpose. The result was a towering hoarding that showcased the product, delivered a direct message, and left an impression. This billboard ad was a simple yet effective way to capture the attention of target audiences and increase awareness.

Ittisa’s Digital Media Strategy for Chaithanya Sānkhya

  • Sponsored Posts on Social Media: Ittisa strategically placed sponsored posts across social media platforms. These weren’t just random ads; they were carefully crafted narratives that showcased the project’s exclusivity.
  • Google Ads: When someone searched for luxury living in Bangalore, Chaithanya Sānkhya’s name popped up. Ittisa optimised Google Ads to ensure that the project appeared at the top of relevant search results. After all, being exclusive also means being visible.
  • Designing a Coffee Table Book: Ittisa designed a coffee table book for Chaithanya Sānkhya. The premium publication beautifully showcases everything about Chaithanya Sānkhya, including property details, amenities and much more. For potential buyers, it served as an invitation to step into the realm of possibility. To those who have already chosen Chaithanya Sānkhya, it is a keepsake—a reminder that they are part of something rare, something timeless.
  • Website Transformation: Ittisa revamped the website of Chaithanya projects to reflect their brand’s luxury through their website. This transformation helped them showcase their works in a better and more sophisticated way, which generated higher traffic to their website.
In summary, Ittisa’s strategy wasn’t just about numbers; it was about creating a symphony—a harmonious blend of paid, earned, shared, and owned media. Chaithanya Sānkhya’s story unfolded across screens, billboards, and hearts, leaving an indelible mark on the world of luxury real estate.


In the realm of luxurious living, Chaithanya Sānkhya stands as an epitome of exclusivity. Nestled in the thriving community of Bangalore, this meticulously designed residential enclave rekindles the essence of communal living. By collaborating with Ittisa, Chaithanya Sānkhya unlocked the door to their target audience. They showcased their architectural marvels through innovative communication strategies, emphasising the IGBC Platinum Pre-Certified Homes and the exquisite private garden decks. This collaboration resulted in the successful sale of over 15 homes out of the 44 exclusive properties in their new project. Ittisa’s targeted digital marketing strategies effectively amplified Chaithanya’s message, connecting them with their audience and achieving their desired campaign outcomes. Ittisa’s expertise, along with their ATL marketing activation service, helped Chaithanya Sānkhya establish itself as more than just a property—it became an aspirational lifestyle. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for exclusive insights into our digital marketing services and discover how we elevate our clients towards achieving their business goals.