May 20, 2024

Beautiful Homes Service: Advertising that brought India closer to their Dream Homes

beautiful homes

With Beautiful Homes Service's advertising strategies bringing India closer to their dream homes, BHS is at the forefront of making personalised dream home interiors tangible.

Unveil the enchantment of Beautiful Home Services by Asian Paints!

Renowned for its design inspiration and trendy insights in its e-magazine, Beautiful Homes by Asian Paints initially gained recognition solely for its online design discussions. However, by expanding its vision beyond educating its audience, Beautiful Homes with their service arm is now known for end-to-end designing of beautiful homes across India. It is a promising interior design service provider, celebrated for its commitment to creating stunning living spaces nationwide! interior design

Let's explore how Beautiful Home Service (BHS) by Asian Paints, in collaboration with Ittisa, carved its path to becoming a standout interior design service provider.

Beautiful Home Service

With BHS’s work expertise and Ittisa’s advertising strategies & digital media management, BHS attracted a significant number of quality leads, eager to have their homes designed by them.

Ittisa took a proactive approach to ensure the delivery of top-notch strategies to Beautiful Home Services.

Here’s how we accomplished it!

Table Of Contents:

  • The Ground Work - Knowing the Audience & the Brand
  • Onward to Success -  Executing Effective Communication Plan
  • Creative Mastery - Deliverables That Made a Difference
  • Collaborations that Created a Buzz Online
  • Speaking of Success - The Number Game, Spot On!
  • Going Above and Beyond for Our Clients

The Ground Work - Knowing the Audience & the Brand

When Beautiful Home Services by Asian Paints approached us with their social media requirements, we knew we had to go the extra mile to elevate an already successful brand and maintain its momentum! Understanding the established brand essence of Asian Paints, Beautiful Home Services (BHS) had already made strides in the online arena before Ittisa, an advertising company, came into the picture. While it wasn't challenging to maintain the brand's reputation, it certainly posed a new set of challenges - keeping up with the name! Nevertheless, Ittisa rose to the occasion, surpassing client expectations. Instagram Post The brief was clear: Beautiful Home Services (BHS) set out to find a marketing agency that could not only uphold the esteemed reputation of Beautiful Homes as an e-magazine but also, amplify BHS's emerging identity as an end-to-end interior design service provider in India. Despite already captivating a significant online audience with their e-magazine, Ittisa saw the potential to redirect social media users' attention towards uncovering BHS's comprehensive expertise in interior design services nationwide. Instagram Post Exploring and managing platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Pinterest was just the beginning. Establishing BHS as a promising service provider involved consistently crafting compelling content online, from stunning static posts and engaging carousels to captivating reels and stories across these platforms. It all became a routine practice. For example, we transformed lengthy, informative e-magazine articles into engaging posts and stories on social media, ensuring that we captured the essence of the articles in the creatives designed, followed by captivating captions. Instagram Post Instagram Post Throughout our partnership with BHS, we worked diligently to position Beautiful Home Services as design experts. We showcased their end-to-end design executions, proven work samples, and customer satisfaction stories. Our efforts were particularly evident in the captivating reels, videos, static posts, stories, and more that we meticulously edited and executed. This strategic approach attracted thousands of potential business leads and solidified BHS as an all-rounded design solution brand, offering both insights and expert craftsmanship, thus cementing its position in the market. interior home design Furthermore, Beautiful Homes Service with Asian Paints’ requirement to cater to the Indian target audience, made us work on content that remains relatable to the Indian crowd scrolling through social media. We then crafted content that resonated with the Indian audience while maintaining the high standards of BHS, to educate and establish a connection with a selected audience, focusing on the specific nuances desired from an interior design company.

Onward to Success -  Executing Effective Communication Plan

We believed that for a brand like BHS, direct communication and high-quality creatives were the keys to grabbing attention and encouraging positive action! Instagram Post Transforming lengthy articles into smart, creative posts can be quite a challenge if not approached correctly. Given the short attention spans and high expectations of today's social media audience, even a moment of boredom can lead them to scroll away, potentially impacting the overall perception reflected in Asian Paints' Beautiful Home Services reviews. Instagram Post As a marketing agency, our goal was to captivate BHS's audience by seamlessly integrating with their online presence. We didn't just aim to showcase BHS's great work; we wanted to provide viewers with an unforgettable experience. By using carefully chosen work samples and images provided by BHS, paired with our diligent editing and creativity skills, supported with captivating captions, we crafted a story that left a lasting impression. Our objective was to create an experience that not only resonated with viewers but also left them wanting more. Instagram Post Additionally, we carefully timed our posts to maximize their impact. When focusing on Instagram alone, we noticed that before our initiative, the BHS page faced challenges with lead generation due to low audience awareness of the services offered in a sector like home interior design. However, within just two months of implementing our social strategy, BHS began to receive approximately 200 high-quality leads solely through Instagram. This comprehensive approach not only increased BHS's click-through rates, it also earned them the recognition that Beautiful Homes (BH) as a service was seeking. beautiful-homes-with-asian-paints

Creative Mastery - Deliverables That Made a Difference

At Ittisa, our partnership with Beautiful Home Services (BHS) extended well beyond managing social media accounts. We provided a diverse array of digital assets, including emailer designs, website banners, newspaper ads, customized service PDFs, affiliate creatives and more, ensuring a cohesive brand identity across all online and offline platforms. Our collaborative efforts produced significant results for BHS, capturing the attention of a substantial audience. kusha kapila house design Instagram Post We also crafted creative content for various purposes, including WhatsApp creatives distributed during festivals and PDF designs showcasing BHS's expertise as the premier provider of their services in the best interior design for homes. This positioning solidified its reputation as the top choice for homeowners seeking superior interior design solutions. home interior Apart from assisting BHS with managing digital assets, we also supported the brand with performance ad creatives, effectively capturing audience attention and generating business leads through social media channels alone. BHS In addition to our primary responsibilities, we also delved into managing regional content. Noteworthy examples include our involvement in adapting content for social from regional digital video ads (DVC) and other promotional content featured on platforms like YouTube. Here, we took charge of generating subtitles and managing regional content pieces for their promotional campaigns in various languages such as Tamil, Hindi, English, and Kannada, among others. From writing captions in regional languages to designing creatives with a deliberately selected images that’d most attract the audience from specific regions, we provided comprehensive assistance over time. BHS BHS Throughout our collaboration, our focus remained on exceeding BHS's social media expectations by leveraging cutting-edge tools like AI to ensure quality work and stay ahead of industry trends. We tailored AI images specifically for the Indian market for the brand. The challenge was to ensure that these images captured an authentic Indian aesthetic while adhering to the brand's stringent visual criterias and effectively targeting the desired audience. Our passion for producing high-quality content organically reached an audience of over 200k, with AI-generated images contributing significantly to this impressive reach. We seamlessly integrated these successful social media creatives into promotional ads led by Ittisa, including various Beautiful Home Services campaigns, ensuring each one stood out effectively.

The Power of AI-Generated Creatives - Driving Organic Engagement to 200K+

Instagram Post
Instagram Post
Instagram Post
Collaborations that Created a Buzz Online
At Ittisa, Beautiful Home Services and their quality social media presence have not only reached great heights but also their innovative collaboration with famous actors like Shwetha Tripathi and Kusha Kapila created a buzz in the design industry and on social media! Instagram Post This collaboration with social media legends has made BHS a top choice for influencers to collaborate with, giving them a chance to have their homes designed by BHS experts and gain recognition under the umbrella of BHS's fame. Through dissemination of the content adaptation on social, which we conceptualised and created, we showcased the hard work of Beautiful Homes, Asian Paints, from Ittisa’s eye for creativity, and helped them highlight the best of their services. Instagram Post BHS's intention of giving these celebs a truly beautiful home design inside and out was evident in the captured videos, and the essence of their hard work was conveyed by us, the creative team of Ittisa. We assisted with editing, scripting, and managing these carefully crafted carousels, videos and reels online. kusha-kapila-house-designs Additionally, we created promotional content pieces like website banners and social media posts for Beautiful Home Services, Asian Paints Campaigns online, letting the nation know that BHS is capable of handling both design discussions and providing home interior solutions. shewta house designs These collaborations generated buzz across the internet, and with the assistance provided by Ittisa, Beautiful Home Services was able to set a benchmark for industry experts to elevate their game and compete with premium interior design service providers like the brand itself.

Speaking of Success - The Number Game, Spot On!

As we managed the end-to-end social media presence for BHS, we constantly tracked performance and fine-tuned our strategies as needed. By refining our approach and closely monitoring metrics, we ensured that Beautiful Home Services by Asian Paints stood out in the competitive digital landscape. Our efforts not only attracted the attention of industry experts and influencers but also positioned BHS as a prominent player in the interior design service industry. Our aim remained clear: establishing them as design experts capable of executing home interiors and offering comprehensive interior design services with unmatched finesse. Our dedication to bringing their well-researched design discussions to life not only expanded their reach but also solidified their status as potential industry leaders.

Creativity That Soared High - Driving Organic Engagement with Quality Content

design trends Instagram Post Our successes spoke volumes: We generated over 200 quality leads or service seekers who wished to get their homes designed by BHS, and we achieved a remarkable audience reach of over 200k through our creative design strategies and management skills. Instagram Post These achievements solidified BHS's trust in us, leading them to rely on our expertise to monitor progress, track traction, and analyze other key metrics. With us in the driving seat, BHS was able to sit back, relax, and witness their numbers soar!

Going Above and Beyond for Our Clients

Ittisa didn't just stop at providing digital media assistance to Beautiful Home Services but went above and beyond for them time and again! When The World of Nilaya, another prestigious brand under Asian Paints, unveiled their latest collection of "nature-inspired" wallpapers in collaboration with Tilla Studio by famous designer, Aratrik Dev Varman at the Architectural Digest Design Show (ADDS) 2023, Ittisa stepped up to support them every step of the way. Instagram Post When Tilla Design Studio and The World of Nilaya joined forces to create a wallpaper design philosophy inspired by natural elements, we knew we had to give their vision a platform to reach the right audience and generate meaningful engagement. Instagram Post Our marketing team took the bold step of travelling to the event location in Mumbai to provide active support to team Asian Paints for covering a successful show live on social media. From interviewing attendees and capturing their insights on the displayed collection to conversing with renowned designers at ADDS, we handled it all. Add Events events While the on-site team managed the event offline, our digital team ensured continuous online presence. We stayed on our toes throughout the event, and created captivating designs from photos and videos provided by the events team, sharing them through stories, posts, and videos. Instagram Post Our dedication at the event and digital support throughout the event worked wonders for Asian Paints. The online engagement observed during the event proved that our collaborative initiative didn't go unnoticed. It captured the audience's attention and left a lasting impression.

Concluding on a Creative Note!

In conclusion, Beautiful Home Services' advertising that brought India closer to their dream homes, illustrates the power of effective marketing in driving online business growth! Collaborating with Ittisa, Beautiful Home Services achieved significant success. Initially, many were unaware of BHS's full range of offerings beyond design insights. However, with our innovative efforts and creative approach, we not only established Beautiful Home Services as a promising residential interior design service provider in India but also generated high-quality leads that fueled their expansion. From attracting over 200 quality leads for dream home designs to reaching a massive online audience of over 200k organically, our partnership with Beautiful Home Services has been fruitful. This success was possible due to the brand's trust in us and our ability to implement strategies tailored to Beautiful Home Services' needs. With our emphasis on boosting website traffic, attracting high-quality leads/service seekers, and extending our support to ensure their success at the ADDS event, we remained dedicated to delivering comprehensive marketing solutions that exceeded the brand's expectations. That said, Ittisa remains committed to excellence, consistently working to empower brands like Beautiful Home Services to thrive in the dynamic world of marketing!

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